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  • Carpet Planks: A New Frontier in Floor Design

    Carpet Planks: A New Frontier in Floor Design

    Mixed Carpet Planks and Carpet Tiles Installation Mixed Carpet Planks and Carpet Tiles Installation

    The Interface Carpet Planks are a new range of carpet tiles that are available in a rectangular format. These “carpet planks” offer the same great benefits as carpet tiles, while offering new design possibilities. The elongated style of these carpet planks presents new design opportunities that would be impossible with fitted carpet or even square carpet tiles. Now in our online shop are the new carpet planks from Interface Flooring.

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  • Vinyl Flooring: The Inexpensive Alternative

    Vinyl Flooring: The Inexpensive Alternative

    Vinyl Flooring is a versatile and innovative flooring option. It is inexpensive and durable, yet can authentically replicate the appearance of wood, ceramic, or stone flooring. Vinyl floor tiles have been considered the ideal choice for creating a comfortable atmosphere in one’s home or office. Vinyl floor tiles have come a long way to become one of the highest quality products available for any home or office. There are many options available when it comes to vinyl flooring. You can purchase vinyl flooring in sheets, tiles, or planks. Each of these styles has their own benefits. Vinyl flooring is exceptionally resilient. Its surface is protected by a PUR (polyurethane) reinforcement layer, making it scratch and fade resistant. This PUR layer results in an exciting floor that will look good for decades.

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  • Wallpaper: An Important Player On Your “Décor Team”

    Wallpaper on BRICOFLOR UK

    Wallpaper is an extremely popular wall decoration with a long tradition and a rich history, dating from Renaissance times. Used as a replacement for the more expensive and exclusive woven tapestries, wallpaper slowly gained more and more attention, becoming one of the most successful home interior items in the Western European world. In fact, England and France soon became the top European countries to manufacture wallpaper, but nowadays the general market is dominated by German brands A.S. Creation and rasch.

    Usually made of paper, vinyl, or nonwoven fabric, wallpaper is extremely easy to install without much mess. It thus allows you to instantly elevate the look of any room and effortlessly make huge changes in terms of interior design. No wonder this product is so sought after! With a great variety of designs ands qualities, these wall coverings are guaranteed to fit any trend. Be it elegant or bold, pale or vividly colourful, wallpaper is the go-to item for an instant uplift of your home, and you can even reconnect with your inner decorator by mixing and matching different patterns, zoning wider spaces, and actually installing the wallpaper yourself. It's that easy! All you need is special wallpaper paste or glue, measurement and cutting tools. In addition to their exquisite appearance, some wallpapers will also provide added protection for the walls, or hide existing dents and imperfections. Read on to see some of the more popular types of wallpaper, what sets them apart and some highlights from our online shop.

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  • Carpet By Definition - What Are Carpets?

    Carpet at BRICOFLOR UK

    What is carpet?

    red carpet, carpet, wall to wall carpetAccording to the OED, carpet is “a floor covering made from thick woven fabric”, or alternatively “a thick or soft expanse or layer of something”. Carpeting is one of the most popular flooring options available today and dates back to the 5th Century B.C. Historically, these products were used in the Orient to cover walls or floors. Today, they are used as wall-to-wall flooring in homes and businesses across the world. There are a wide variety of flooring options, but carpets are by far the most popular flooring option in the UK.

    An extremely popular flooring option - why?

    One of the many advantages of carpet is its outstanding versatility when it comes to installation. It can be easily fitted in any kind of room, as well as on stairs. Additionally, it offers exceptional thermal and acoustic insulation. Unlike wood, tile, or alternative flooring, carpet reduces excess noise, such as heavy footfalls and echoes, and it can keep your home warm and cosy by acting as an insulating layer that prevents heat loss. With rising energy costs and efforts to be more environmentally conscious, carpeting is a great way to insulate your home, reduce waste and lower heating costs. Many manufacturers are taking this even further by producing their carpets using recycled materials and eco-friendly production processes. Thus, carpeting is an exceptional flooring choice for those seeking to reduce their impact on the environment, while benfiting from a warm and comfortable flooring.

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  • Welcome to BRICOFLOR UK | Flooring and Wallpaper Shop

    bricoflor_logoHigh-quality products at the best prices on BRICOFLOR UK

    BRICOFLOR has specialized in the retail of wallpaper, carpets, and other flooring options since 1970, meaning we can draw on 45 years of experience when dealing with your home renovation needs. In 2006 we moved into the online market, offering our services internationally to both commercial and individual clients throughout Europe. Thanks to our extensive experience, we know the best brands and manufacturers in the flooring and wallpaper industries. You can thus be sure that we have selected the best products when it comes to quality and price-performance.

    Ordering is now extremely simple when shopping online on BRICOFLOR UK. We have established logistic centres throughout Europe, including the UK, Germany, France, and the Netherlands. Given out strategic partnerships with top manufacturers, we are flexible to suit the needs of our customers, and are usually able to fulfil any request, even when it comes to colour matching and specific batches.

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