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  • Give Your Floor an INSTANT Makeover With Gerflor Self-Adhesive Luxury Vinyl!

    0724_skadi_raumbildDo you want to give your home a new look but worried it will take too much time or effort? There´s an easy way to give your space a makeover without spending weeks prepping and planning. You can even put in this new floor right before Christmas - we promise! Self-adhesive vinyl is a quick and easy way of giving your space that makeover it deserves. With many designs and colours available, there´s a style that can suit any room and decor. Keep reading to find out more about this amazing product!

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  • How to Revive Your Space on a Budget with a New Rug and Wallpaper!

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    If you're tired of your kitchen, bedroom or living room's look, but don´t want to break the bank by buying expensive new furniture, this one's for you! There are ways to give your space a whole new look without spending much of your hard-earned money. Adding a new rug or putting up some wallpaper will do wonders for your home. There's no need to buy everything new from head-to-toe! How? We'll let you in on our little interior decorating secrets, so keep reading!

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  • LVT and Laminate Tiles: A New Age of Kitchen Flooring is Here!


    The future of kitchen flooring is here! Gone are the days when the only choices for our kitchen were cold ceramic tiles and cheap laminate. Today´s modern kitchen is stylish, simple, sleek, and it has a floor that can stand the test of time. More and more people are choosing classic, timeless looks for their floors that will look good for many years to come. Everyone loves the look of wood and stone, but it´s usually not very practical and not to mention budget friendly, either! Homeowners these days are choosing LVT and laminate flooring for their kitchens. Keep reading to find out why!

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  • Update Your Space With These Fierce Wallpaper Trends

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    Tired of the same old style in your space? Giving your room a whole new look doesn´t have to take too much time or effort. Adding wallpaper to your walls is an easy way to give your room a quick update without breaking the bank. Wallpaper is entering a revival, and it´s appearing more and more in all the interior design magazines and TV shows. Gone are the days of your grandma´s wall-to-wall floral wallpaper! Now wallpaper is used as a statement piece, usually only taking up one wall in a room. These days it´s usually used as a highlight in a room, since an entire room of wallpaper could possibly clash with furniture and look too busy.

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  • Trend Alert: Luxury Vinyl Flooring


    Wood and stone flooring is all the rage these days, but the price sure isn´t something to be happy about! Wood and stone always gives a regal look to any home, and it can give a room an instant luxurious boost that´s comparable to any model home. Although these materials look amazing, they´re also not very practical, either. Wood can become damaged and worn out, and it doesn´t handle water very well at all. Scratches in wood flooring are inevitable, and a nice, new wood floor can quickly become covered in scratches and dents. If you have kids or pets running around, that can add extra damage to an otherwise sensitive floor. Stone is hard-wearing, but it´s also very cold on the feet and usually hard to keep clean. Many home owners are looking at other options that will give them that rich look they want, but with more durability, warmth and less maintenance.

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  • Epoxy Flooring: What is Epoxy, Advantages, and More!


    You´re tired of having concrete in your garage or workshop, and it´s about time to start thinking of a flooring for it. You want something durable, something that will last and something that won´t be too expensive. Whether you´re repairing your car in your garage, or working in your workshop, you need a strong surface that will withstand wear and tear, including staining. Expoxy resin flooring has been a staple in garage flooring for decades because of its sturdiness and dependability.

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  • Carpet Tiles - Unleash Your Inner Designer!


    Drab, dingy floor getting you down? Tired of walking on rough, cold floors? Don´t worry, there is hope! Carpet tiles are being known as the next saving grace to almost all flooring problems. They´re available in any colour, any style and any design to choose from. Installing a carpet these days usually requires a fitter, which is an extra cost no one needs. With carpet tiles, you can install them yourself, even if you don´t have any experience! They´re just the right thing for your next DIY home renovation project, and they won´t break the bank either. Thanks to their innovative loose lay method, all you´ve got to do is lay them down on your floor. Thanks to their heavy weight, they only move when YOU want them to!

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  • Get That Perfect Floor You Want - Without the Water Damage!


    Kids, pets, guests, spills all over your floor, what´s one to do? Everyone knows that keeping your floor free from damage is no easy task. Keeping a floor nice and new in wet areas of your home like your kitchen and bathroom is hard work. With your kids running wild and your new puppy still in the process of being potty trained, you need a floor that can withstand all accidents and still keep its brand-new look. Waterproof laminate flooring is the ideal choice for many individuals looking to keep their home fresh and new, even with daily wear and tear.

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  • Exhibition Carpets - A Great Way to Set the Mood of Your Event


    Cameras flashing, dresses glistening and a lucious red carpet are some of the things we think about when we imagine an extravagant celebrity event. But you don´t have to be a celebrity to feel like one! Treat your guests (and yourself!) to something special, like an elegant carpet at your party! Roll out your very own red carpet (we recommend our Expoline in Brick Red!) at your next party, and don´t forget to smile for the cameras as you make your way to the dance floor. Exhibition carpets aren´t only for celebrity events, but they are being more widely used in home and commercial events as well. Store openings, gallery shows, marquee weddings, birthday parties, and anniversaries are some of the occasions where this flooring is most needed.

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  • A thorough look into different garage flooring options

    Epoxy vs PVC tiles

    When looking for a floor for your home garage or commercial workshop, it's easy to become overwhelmed with the different available options. Two types of flooring you're likely to run into are poured epoxy floors and a more recently developed product, the PVC floor tiles. Epoxy flooring has been around for many years, and is for a lot of people the first thing that comes to mind when discussing garage flooring.

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