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Wall Panels

BerryAlloc Wall & Water "1964-7948 Snow White Metro" 60 x 15 cm

  • Bathroom wall panel BerryAlloc

  • 100% water-resistant

  • Tile, concrete, slate effect

  • Ready to install with glue

  • Lifetime warranty in residential use

per package
correspond to £47.95 per m²
incl. VAT
Shipping: £20.00 per order
Delivery time: 8-10 working days
Total price:£138.10
  • Minimum order quantity: 5 Packages = £690.50
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Product highlights
  • Antistatic Treatment
    Antistatic Treatment
  • Suitable for Wet Rooms
    Suitable for Wet Rooms
  • Fastness to Light
    Fastness to Light
  • Easy to Maintain
    Easy to Maintain
BerryAlloc Wall & Water "1964-7948 Snow White Metro" 60 x 15 cm

The BerryAlloc Wall & Water Wall Panel Collection, designed for damp rooms, is a true inspiration for the renovation of the bathroom and kitchen wall decoration!
Available in 28 original designs, including seven different tile sizes, Wall & Water Wall Decorative Panel, 60 x 240 cm for 1.02 cm thick, will match all your decorative desires, thanks to its tile, concrete, slate, cement and terrazzo effects, for a most authentic rendering. Produced sustainably from High Pressure Laminate (HPL) and birch plywood, this bathroom wall panel is 100% waterproof and is optimal for all damp areas with significant exposure to water, in domestic and professional use, such as showers and public cloakrooms. This decorative panel is resistant to direct contact with water, stains, shocks and UV rays. Available in glossy, satin, brushed, ceramic finishes, the Wall & Water sticky panel is stylish and sophisticated in colors such as white, gray, blue, black and beige. The types of decoration, whether your bathroom or kitchen is modern, retro or classic.

The BerryAlloc Wall & Water decorative wall panel is stable and ready to install even on an old tile! The installation is fast and easy: thanks to the adhesive BerryAlloc Adhesive, the bathroom is ready for a turn! Both glue and mastic, this powerful, non-aqueous, environmentally friendly adhesive product contain no hazardous solvents, does not emit toxic gases when drying and sticks perfectly to all surfaces. Check that your walls are solid, clean, straight and level (irregularities less than 5 mm by 2 meters) and keep the packages flat 48 hours before installation, with a humidity of less than 30%. If the wall is damp, it is imperative to apply a primer to prevent moisture from infiltrating Wall & Water panels and improving their adhesion.

Be careful to always follow the installation instructions. To install BerryAlloc Wall & Water, you will need glue, BerryAlloc Adhesive, drill, screws, and ankles. The important steps in the installation of this decorative panel are: to assemble the inner corner profiles with glue, screws, and dowels; Then glue and screw the wall panel to the wall. Wall & Water wall panels can be removed and reinstalled without any loss of value and therefore a panel can be replaced in the event that it is damaged.

Thanks to its hygienic surface, this wall panel is easy to clean: a moist microfiber cloth is enough to clean your decorative panel on a daily basis; for stubborn stains, you can add some synthetic detergent or anti-lime detergent in the wash water. Organic detergents such as soap can leave grease films on the surface. Do not use a brush, sponge or abrasive cleaner on your BerryAlloc wall panel.

This unique range of BerryAlloc wall panels combines elegance and efficiency without any difficulty, while being decorative, trendy, easy to install and maintain, and especially guaranteed for life for residential use and 10 years for commercial use!

Data sheet
Surface Finish
Glossy Finish
240 x 60 cm
10.2 mm
Compact Laminate (CL)
Fastness to Light
> 6
Burning Behaviour
D-s2, d0
Dimensional Stability
< 0.2
Stain Resistance
Panels per Package
2 Panels = 2.88 m²

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