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Wall Panels

BerryAlloc Kitchen Wall "62000466 Cement"

  • BerryAlloc Walls wall panel for kitchen

  • Tiles, concrete, slate imitation

  • Residential and commercial use

  • Easy and fast installation: to glue down

  • Lifetime warranty for residential use

per package
correspond to £59.94 per m²
incl. VAT
Shipping: £20.00 per order
Delivery time: 8-10 working days
Total price:£43.16
  • Minimum order quantity: 5 Packages = £215.80
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Product highlights
  • Antistatic Treatment
    Antistatic Treatment
  • Suitable for Wet Rooms
    Suitable for Wet Rooms
  • Fastness to Light
    Fastness to Light
  • Easy to Maintain
    Easy to Maintain
BerryAlloc Kitchen Wall "62000466 Cement"

Design your home with BerryAlloc's Kitchen Wall range of decorative wall panels!
Specially designed for kitchen use, the Kitchen Wall wall panel is a high-performance coating that is resistant to water, heat, stains and even direct splashing of boiling water! Made of durable compact laminate, this decorative panel, measuring 120 x 60 cm, comes in 24 colors: white, gray, black, beige or blue, in tile, slate, aluminum, concrete. These sober colors have been designed to match your decoration and kitchen furniture, and these realistic and attractive designs, as well as these 8 different formats, will get along with both contemporary and classic kitchens.

The Kitchen Wall wall panels collection is ideal for minimizing the required time to renovate your kitchen credenza, whether it is for residential or commercial use, without having to worry about installing real tiles or dismantling your furniture. This 3 mm thick inner panel is easy and quick to install: the panel is fixed on a clean, flat, dry and smooth surface (irregularities must be less than 2 mm per meter), 2-3 mm above the kitchen countertop, using BerryAlloc Adhesive: this powerful, non-aqueous, environmentally friendly adhesive product contains no hazardous solvents, does not emit toxic gases when drying and adheres perfectly to all surfaces. Additionally, BerryAlloc Adhesive is resistant to water and vapor from the dishwasher, and also supports the heat emitted by electric ranges; The manufacturer BerryAlloc does not recommend the installation of the Kitchen Wall wall panel in combination with gas cookers. The adhesive BerryAlloc Adhesive can even be stored at a negative temperature without altering its properties.

BerryAlloc's Kitchen Wall decorative wall panel may be bonded to an existing floor covering, such as wallpaper or tile, as long as it is securely fastened to the wall. To install your wall panel, you will need little equipment: a saw for cutting your panel, a spirit level, sandpaper, a notched spatula, a mastic cartridge gun and BerryAlloc Adhesive. The installation of this wall covering is done very quickly: after having cleaned, rinsed and dried the credenza where the plate is fixed, simply stick the support, place the panel against the bonded wall and then press it strongly All your weight. Two days later, you can seal the edges. Do not hesitate to consult the BerryAlloc installation instructions. This decorative panel can be removed but not reinstalled. To fully enjoy the Kitchen Wall wall panel, the indoor temperature is ideal between 19 and 24°C, and the humidity of the room between 40 and 60%.

Finally, the hygienic surface of the Kitchen Wall wall panel ensures easy maintenance: a moist microfiber cloth is enough to clean your decorative panel on a daily basis; For stubborn stains, you can add a little synthetic detergent in the wash water. Organic detergents such as soap can leave grease stains on the surface. Do not use a brush, sponge or abrasive cleaner on your BerryAlloc wall panel.

Make your kitchen a trendy and design area with the BerryAlloc Kitchen Wall wall panels, guaranteed for life in residential and 10 years in commercial, which is probably the easiest and fastest way to renovate its credence and work plan!

Data sheet
Surface Finish
Satin Finish
120 x 60 cm
3 mm
Compact Laminate (CL)
Fastness to Light
> 6
Burning Behaviour
C-s1, d0
Dimensional Stability
< 0.2
Stain Resistance
Panels per Package
1 Panel = 0.72 m²

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