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Desso AirMaster® carpet tiles – For a healthier environment

Nowadays, it is common that most people spend about 90% of their time indoors. This fact indicates the importance of creating a healthy inside environment that also benefits our wellbeing. As a carpet supplier it is in Desso’s interest and their responsibility to produce products that contribute to a healthier living and working space. Desso AirMaster® carpet tiles are specifically manufactured to actively improve the indoor air quality by decreasing and eliminating the threat of inhaling dust particles that foster microbial contaminants, such as mould, pollen and allergens. Clean air is vital, considering that these toxins can affect the heart and lungs, causing serious physiological problems.

Pick from 24 different Desso AirMaster® colour combinations to create your dream floor

This Desso collection offers an enticing choice of 18 block and six combination colours as standard, while an online app allows designers to create their own AirMaster®. The block tones are mostly classic colours, such as black, grey, beige and brown. The six combination colours are a mixture of mainly anthracite and a thick vertical stripe of a more vivid nuance. If you choose to create your own AirMaster®, you can pick the colour combination as well as the way you want the floor to be laid, either in brick or in checkerboard pattern. In addition, Desso AirMaster® has 3 different ranges, all of which can be combined with the original collection, presenting an almost unlimited amount of possibilities in terms of designing your perfect floor.

Easy installation and maintenance of Desso AirMaster®

Desso AirMaster® is a modular carpet tile collection that is easy to install without the need of liquid adhesives. Since they are loose-lay it is even possible to rearrange them whenever necessary to either clean the tiles or change the design. The open structure ensures that all the captured dust particles can easily be removed for maximum regeneration of the carpet’s filtering capacity. The yarn’s construction create optimal air circulation when vacuuming, which ultimately improve the indoor air quality.

Premium quality provided by the manufacturer Desso

Desso AirMaster® marries performance and great innovation with strong design to boost health and wellbeing in offices, schools, healthcare environments and other public buildings. Its patented technology has been proven to reduce the fine dust concentration in the air four times more efficient than regular carpets and eight times more effective than hard floors. The solution dyed yarn ensures that the product’s colour will not fade, even during many years of heavy use. An extremely sturdy Polyester fleece backing that has strong insulation properties supports the surface. Furthermore, these Desso carpet tiles are exceptionally fire resistant and are suitable for heavy commercial use, according to the wear classification 33. The use of chair casters is allowed and will not affect AirMaster® in any way.  

Desso AirMaster® utilises mainly sustainable content for product manufacturing

AirMaster® fibre composition consists of 100% recycled ECONYL content. This means as much as regenerating nylon waste into materials for new products. Basically, it is about the regeneration of our environment by turning old waste into something new and beautiful. The whole purpose and goal of ECONYL products is to reduce global waste by collecting it from landfills and oceans and then feeding it back into the production cycles. Desso carpet tiles are mainly ECONYL products that resemble the seriousness of the company when combatting the destruction of the environment.

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