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Desso Arcade

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Desso Arcade – Commercial carpet tiles of superb quality and softness

The company Desso emphasises strongly the importance of quality, which evidently can be seen in all their products. Their broad collection of commercial carpet tiles pass the highest standards and are greatly valued by their customers. Desso Arcade is even special amongst their remarkable assortment of carpet tiles. This unique textural product adds richness and grandeur to any office environment. The extra-high pile brings softness and familiarity of a home into a commercial setting while being able to withstand a high traffic volume. This exceptional combination sets Desso Arcade apart from most other collections and as such, it is ranked in the luxury class as 5, the highest possible position. Arcade manages to achieve an all-over rug effect that makes for a unique and highly comfortable indoor space. 

Choose from 24 diverse Desso Arcade colours for your office

Desso Arcade has a simple yet appealing design that fits into any office space. This incredible collection has a huge colour palette of 24 enticing tones – from neutral browns and beiges, through to richer reds, purples and golds. It does not matter what tone you are looking for, in this selection there is a matching hue for anyone’s desires. There is a broad availability of contemporary choices as well as vivid and more expressive colours. The openly cut loop pile gives the design an extra layer of depth that provides this Desso carpet tile collection with a certain sophistication.

Desso Arcade carpet tiles – High class quality at your disposal

Desso Arcade is a special collection, especially suitable for people with high standards. The openly cut pile ensures an extremely soft and gentle surface that you would expect from your home flooring, instead of the office. Desso Arcade scores 5 points in the luxury class and is still applicable in commercial areas for general use (wear classification 32). Naturally, it is also suitable for domestic use, in which case chair casters are allowed and compatible with this flooring. This product has antistatic properties and is combinable with an underfloor heating. There is also no risk of deformation through shifting temperatures or other factors such as high levels of traffic. Another amazing benefit of Desso Arcade is the fact that the indoor air quality is greatly improved, because this product absorbs the dirt and dust particles into the floor and only releases it when being cleaned.

Sustainability – A must have approach for any manufacturer

Nowadays companies cannot afford to ignore the environment anymore. It is common to see some kind of ecological involvement in terms of greener manufacturing or using recyclable materials. This has become especially important for carpet tile manufacturers like Desso. The company has launched a project called “Cradle to Cradle” in which they focus on using renewable energy sources for production and want all their materials to be toxin free by 2020. This is a difficult task, but it is important for the firm to be a good example for other manufacturers and comply with the growing expectations of consumers in terms of proving an eco-conscious involvement.

Simple Installation and maintenance with Desso carpet tiles

You do not have to look hard to find all the amazing benefits you receive from choosing modular carpet tiles over other floor coverings. Mainly, you save a lot of money and time. Because of the fact that these are loose-lay tiles, you can install them in almost no time and there is no need for additional adhesives or primers. Now, if you decide to lay them in a rather busy office or such, you might want to consider some type of dry glue for the hotspots, where most traffic passes through. That said, it is entirely possible to install this flooring without glue. The handy size of 50cm x 50cm simplifies the implementation greatly. Even in rooms with difficult shapes and edges, carpet tiles are easy to install and do not need a large amount of offcuts. Once it is all set and done, the floor is immediately ready for use. Should you ever face the problem of having a serious stain, you can either remove the affected tile for cleaning or just completely replace it with a new one.

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