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Desso Desert

Desso Desert carpet tiles – Organic design meets extreme durability

This collection is unique in the sense that it has a special design that as its name already implies, actually resembles the shifting sands of the desert. These carpet tiles actually provide a feeling of vast, open spaces to the interior area with their subtly layered organic design. Desso Desert allows you to play with the space to create a serene flooring scheme that playfully interacts with your perception by transmitting a sense of calm. Apart from its inspiring textural structure, this assortment has exceptionally resilient qualities that make this an enticing choice for any office space or other commercial area.

Choose from 9 divers Desso Desert colour combinations for your dream floor

Desso Desert has an interesting design that desperately tries to imitate the shifting sands of a desert. Surprisingly, it comes very close to the original and reminds of the flowing sands through its incredible pattern. As such, it is available in 9 weathered hues ranging from warm neutral shades and muted mushroom to light grey and deep charcoal. This collection does not offer the usual bright and vibrant colours, since they would not match the design and the effect it is trying to achieve. Nevertheless, Desso Desert looks impressive in all the available tones and if desired, the nuances can be combined for a unique look.

Desso Desert - Premium quality carpet tiles for your taking

This Desso product is special in its own way. Although it has a limited choice of colours, it is a very popular collection of remarkable quality. Hardwearing Polyamide fibre composition ensures that Desso Desert will last for many years without sustaining any damage on the surface. Accordingly, it qualifies for the wear classification 33, recommended for heavy commercial use. Even when chair casters are used in an office, they will not affect the state of this product. Antistatic properties make sure that no person walking on this flooring will charge themselves. Desso Desert is even compatible with underfloor heating and has an incredible soft surface (luxury class 2). If you are concerned about what would happen in case of a fire, do not worry that these tiles will accelerate the flames. They were tested on flammability and scored the best possible outcome as being severely fire retardant

Sustainability is a top priority for Desso

The company started a project called “Cradle to Cradle” with the mission to only use toxin free materials for production and create a circle flow by reutilising old products to create new high grade carpet tiles. In this manner, the finite resources of our planet are not depleted as quickly as they would be by using new materials for every manufacturing process. By 2020 Desso wants to be toxin free and only use renewable energy sources for production. The company takes their ecological goal very serious and that is clearly reflected in their products and mission.

Foolproof installation and easy maintenance with modular carpet tiles

The installation of modular carpet tiles is an easy undertaking, especially in comparison with other types of flooring. Since they come in the size of 50cm x 50cm, they are easy to transport, store and essentially install. Desso carpet tiles are loose-lay, which means that they can be quickly installed without needing to glue them down. This saves a lot of time in addition to ensuring that the ground beneath does not get damaged in any way. Another great advantage of carpet tiles is the simple maintenance. They are extremely easy to clean and should there ever be a serious stain, you can either replace the entire tile or remove it to clean it individually and then return it to its spot. No other floor covering provides this possibility.

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You can find all Desso products, including Desert on our website with all the available colours. Take your time to browse through all the different collections we provide and once you have made up your mind, you can directly place your order through BRICOFLOR UK. In case you are not entirely sure about the carpet tile, please go ahead and order a free sample. Then you can check the quality and colour to be certain that it is the right choice for you. Please do not hesitate to contact us, if there are any unanswered questions.

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