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Desso Essence Stripe

Desso Essence Stripe carpet tiles – Durable flooring for offices

Stripe, one of the Desso Essence collections is a premium quality product that you can purchase at an affordable price. Ideally suited for commercial areas, Essence Stripe adds a sense of playfulness: Boosting a linear design with stripes in varying thicknesses and contemporary colours. The low level loop pile has a strong commercial base, incidentally complying with office standards expected from this type of flooring. Similarly as with the other Essence assortments, Stripe is combinable with the original version or Maze for endless opportunities in creative flooring designs. All of these are available in our online shop Bricoflor UK. The Desso Essence range uses only the best materials to create extremely hardwearing carpet tiles that can withstand heavy traffic and furniture as well as the use of chair casters.

Outstanding quality provided by Desso carpet tiles

Desso Essence Stripe is a product, praised for its resilience and subliminal beauty that matches perfectly with other Essence collections. As proof for its strength, it was tested and certified as wear classification 33 – advisable for heavy commercial use. In reality, this means that even heavy traffic in a very busy location will not have a negative impact on the carpet tiles. Furthermore, the use of chair casters is permitted and there is also no need to be afraid of potential fires breaking out, since this flooring is extremely fire resistant (Bfl-s1). For the tufted loop pile yarn the company used a solution dye method to ensure that the colour retention is kept for many years without showing any signs of fading. The fibre composition is made of high quality Polyamide material that retains warmth and at the same time has sound insulation properties. 

11 classic colour types by Desso Essence Stripe

The collection Desso Essence Stripe provides a sufficient choice of classic nuances with anthracites, greys and beiges, as well as vibrant shades of red, orange, blue and purple. Each range can be combined seamlessly with the other two Essence assortments for an even more appealing design and textural pattern. If you take your time, there are almost unlimited possibilities to how you want your floor to look and which colour or colours you choose and marry to create a unique flooring that represents exactly what you imagined. As a result, you will be left with a delicate presentation that will impress any person who passes by.

Simple installation of quality Desso Essence carpet tiles

When comparing traditional carpet rolls to carpet tiles, the great benefit of tiles is their favourable size. Usually, they are available in 50cm x 50cm, which means they are easily packed into boxes for unproblematic transportation, even into upper floors of buildings. Once they are all brought to the designated area or room, carpet tiles are magnificently easy to install. All that is left is to lay them out on the ground and you are finished! Now, in case it is a larger office space, it is suggested to use a type of dry glue to stick hot spots – places with a lot of traffic – together to ensure stability. However, it is not compulsory to use any type of adhesive, since these are loose-lay carpet tiles and do not necessarily require glue.

Commercial Desso flooring – Easy to clean and maintain

All Desso carpet tiles are exceptionally easy to maintain. The reason is that modular carpeting is so versatile and can be replaced at any moment’s notice. Since Essence Stripe is intended for commercial use, the yarn’s structure is constructed in a way that speeds up maintenance and as a result saves money and time. If for some reason there should be a serious stain that cannot be cleaned, there is always the possibility to replace an individual tile with a new one, which would be impossible with any other type of flooring.

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If you take your time to look through our website, you will find all Desso collections including every colour imaginable. Given this wide assortment, we do understand that sometimes the choice can be difficult and therefore we offer a free sample service. This should help you verify that you are indeed looking at the right product and once you received the sample and can see and feel for yourself, we will gladly provide you with the necessary carpet tiles. Should there be any additional questions, please do not hesitate to contact us through our website or via the phone. 

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