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Desso Essence Structure

Desso Essence Structure – Sturdy carpet tiles with a natural look

Part of the Essence collection, Structure does not have the geometric look of Essence Stripe and Essence Maze. These carpet tiles moves away from that type of design to a more organic form with an infinites series of fading lines. This Desso product is extremely durable, making it the perfect fit for any commercial area like offices or retailers. Falling under the use classification 33, Essence Structure is recommended for heavy commercial use and can even withstand the use of chair casters. Its incredibly engaging pattern boosts any modern looking interior and provides the entire room or area with a sense of elegance and sophistication. Desso Essence Structure is freely combinable with all other Essence collections for unlimited design possibilities

Choose from 12 appealing Desso Essence Structure colour combinations

This collection is available in 12 diverse nuances that have a “stone-washed” look because of the juxtaposition of light and dark colour tones. Neutral greys and beiges create a subtle yet interesting effect, while more vibrant options make for statement flooring. Since you can combine Structure with all other Essence assortments, your design options are immense. It is rare that you can mix not only different colours together but also patterns and textures. It ensures that you will end up with a unique flooring that will certainly make an impression on any visitor or employee who passes through.

Take the eco-friendly approach with Desso products

The company Desso has a very strong focus on contributing to the preservation of this planet. They are working hard towards completely green manufacturing and use of healthy materials only. By 2020, the firm wants all their materials to be toxin free, based on their project “Cradle to Cradle” and only use renewable energy sources for production. Furthermore, Desso will reutilise old products to create new high grade carpet tiles. In this manner, there is no need to continuously dip into the finite resources of our environment but create a life circle of manufacturing in order to limit waste and ultimately help the world deal with the growing consumer demand.

Desso Essence Structure – High quality carpet tiles for any office space

If you are looking for reliable and long lasting carpet tiles, it is safe to choose Desso Essence Structure. They were tested and approved for heavy commercial use in offices and other public buildings. Regardless of the resilient properties, Essence Structure even falls under the luxury class 1 for its soft surface. Another benefit of these strong Desso carpet tiles is the fact that they improve indoor air quality by absorbing dirt and dust particles into the carpet. Additionally, they are compatible with underfloor heating and refrain from deformation over a long period of many years. Essence Structure has been tested on flammability and received the best possible result (Bfl-s1), which means that these carpet tiles are extremely fire resistant.

Effortless installation and maintenance of Desso Essence Structure

One of the big advantages of modular carpet tiles is the fact that they are loose-lay. This means you do not need any adhesives to lay them down, which ultimately saves you time and money. Additionally, there is no risk of damaging the underfloor through liquid glues or other types of primers. Before reaching the point of installation, there are also many benefits of carpet tiles. Due to their handy size of 50cm x 50cm they are easy to transport to the designated location and should you have some excess tiles, they can simply be stored without taking away much space. Furthermore, they can fit in rooms with difficult angles and corners without having to make many offcuts. Essentially, this creates less waste and as such benefits the environment as a whole.

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