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Desso Essence

Desso Essence – Allround carpet tiles that fit into any office

Essence is the most popular carpet tile collection in the entire Desso assortment. There is a reason why people tend to prefer this product to the rest. Extremely hardwearing features enable this flooring option to resist heavy footfall in all types of commercial areas. Apart from being resilient, these modular tiles are very flexible when laying them. You can rearrange individual pieces as you like and they are rather easy to maintain and clean. In addition, you will save a lot of time thanks to the easy method of installation. The design is a major factor that makes this collection a lot more appealing, since you can either use it by itself or mix it up with other Essence selections, Stripe, Structure and Maze. This product leads back to the pure essence of a flooring product with its plain level loop pile structure and a strong line of commercial colours. 

Choose from 24 enticing Desso Essence colours

Desso Essence provides a broad choice of muted colours, ranging from darking to lighter nuances. You can choose between the classic black, grey or brown and more vivid tones, such as orange, red or light blue. Desso does not leave anything up to chance and because of that ideal, there is a rather large choice of colours that match any given situation and need. In total, there are 24 different nuances available and they can be seamlessly combined with the collections Essence Stripe, Maze and Structure. Therefore, the possibilities grow even further in terms of mixing desing and colours to reach the desired goal and create the perfect floor for your office.

Hardwearing carpet tiles for commercial areas

This loop pile carpet tile is exceptionally durable and provides the necessary strength you expect from commercial flooring. As such, it can withstand areas with heavy footfall without sustaining any damage in terms of wear and tear. Desso Essence adheres to the class 33 – use classification recommended for heavy commercial use. These tiles are also strongly flame resistant (Bfl-s1) and have a solution dyed yarn, renowned for its superior quality and colour retention. The company uses a high quality Polyester fleece backing that rounds off the product as a whole. In addition to the standard value Desso offers the unique SoundMaster backing, which softens the sound impact and increases the sound absorption by 60% in comparison to the standard designs.

Endless design possibilities – A major benefit of Desso Essence

One of the bigger benefits of modular carpeting is that within most collections you can freely choose different colours and combine them as desired. Desso Essence takes it even one step further, offering you the chance to mix between multiple collections, including designs as well as colours. This is part of the added value you get from the Essence assortments. There is no limit to your creativity, when you consider the differences each individual selection offers. You have Essence Stripe, a playful linear pattern or Essence Maze, a geometric design of blocks and squares that can be installed randomly. 

Desso Essence – Loose-lay carpet tiles for quick and simple installation

Modular carpeting is the most convenient option for implementing a new floor. Usually, Desso carpet tiles come in packages of around 20 pieces and because of their handy size of 50cm x 50cm, they can easily be stacked on top of each other and carried even to more difficult areas. The loose-lay characteristics make the installation almost effortless, considering that you do not need any wet adhesives or special kind of glue. The process is quick and once they are laid out, you can immediately make use of your new floor. 

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