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Desso Fuse – Sturdy carpet tiles with an enticing design

There are many carpet tile collections suitable for installation in commercial areas. However, the choice is limited when it comes to extreme durable properties and an incredibly compelling design on top of it. Desso Fuse is precisely this type of product. It is recommended for heavy commercial use according to the wear classification 33 and has a remarkably appealing yet subtle pattern. So if you want carpet tiles that are both hardwearing and have an immaculate design, Desso Fuse is the correct choice. It is a striking transition between two contrasting yet complimentary colour schemes to help zone and divide a space. Part of the transitions collection, the enlarged and irregular structured loop pile carpet tile helps create warm and highly tactile flooring with the look and feel of a handwoven textile.

Pick from 7 intriguing Desso Fuse colour combinations

Desso Fuse merges two distinctive tones from the uni-coloured Fields carpet tile range to build a stunning design bridge the two products with endless opportunities for individuality and creative expression. This collection is available in 7 colour combinations, primarily muted classic nuances. There is anthracite, grey and beige as well as a bright yellow, crimson red and forest green. The Desso Fuse design is one of a kind that leaves a long lasting impression for whoever passes over it.

Desso Fuse carpet tiles – High quality flooring solution

The company Desso focuses strongly on using the best materials for their production in order to create first-class carpet tiles. For the yarn, extremely hardwearing Polyamide is utilised to ensure a sturdy and long lasting surface. Similarly, the backing is carefully chosen and Desso only resorts to the best materials. Desso carpet tiles are beneficial to your health as they vastly improve the indoor air quality by absorbing dirt and dust particles that afterwards can easily be vacuumed or cleaned. This product is compatible with underfloor heating and the use of chair casters is allowed too. Furthermore, Desso Fuse has a soft surface, registering within the luxury class 2 that ensures a gentle underfoot comfort.

Sustainability as a continuous goal – Desso Fuse

Desso has an inherent interest in sustainability and therefore they started a project called “Cradle to Cradle” in which they plan to use only renewable energy sources and want all their materials to be toxin free by 2020. It is vital to the company to contribute to the welfare of this planet and stop drawing continually on the world’s finite resources to meet growing consumer demand across the globe. Desso Fuse uses 100% regenerated ECONYL yarn and comes with the EcoBase backing as standard, whereas for most other collections you have to specifically request it. 

Desso Fuse – Loose-lay carpet tiles ensure an easy installation

Modular carpet tiles are becoming the standard for commercial buildings. The reasons are simple: Easy to store, effortless transportation and extremely simple to install because they are loose-lay and do not need any adhesives in addition to being ready for use immediately after installing. All these things are mainly possible because of the handy size of 50cm x 50cm. This leads to easier fitting, even in difficult areas with many edges and corners. Furthermore, you will need less offcuts than with traditional carpet rolls that eventually will save you more money and create less waste, which is beneficial to the environment. 

Effortless cleaning and maintenance only possible with modular carpeting

Cleaning of Desso carpet tiles is rather easy because of the high quality and tufted loop pile yarn that can easily be vacuumed. If necessary, it is even possible to remove one individual tile to clean it more thoroughly and then simply return it to its original place. Now, if for some reason a serious stain is found on the floor, which cannot entirely be cleaned, you still have the option to completely remove the affected tiles or tile and replace it with an entirely new piece. There is no other floor covering that provides with such flexible alternatives when facing issues like this, which is why carpet tiles are so popular in commercial settings.

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