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Desso Halo

Desso Halo – Hardwearing carpet tiles with a contemporary design

Desso Halo is a durable carpet tile collection that has a contemporary design with a strong personality. It has a linear “high-low” structure that brings depth and dimension while offering different perspectives. From afar, the carpet appears as a block of deep colours, while close-up it reveals striking flashes of bold accent colours. This intriguing trickery of the eye can strongly influence how people perceive the flooring, which is food for thought and can sparkle creativity in an office setting.

Pick from 9 Desso Halo colour combinations for your office

Desso invests a lot of effort into the creating the optimal carpet tiles. They come up with specific patterns that fulfil a certain role in an interior decoration. There are expressive and colourful designs or more subtle ones to make a coherent addition to an already powerful décor. The popular Desso Halo collection has a striking design that is available in 9 different classic muted tones. The choices range from anthracites and greys to browns and dark greens. This product’s purpose is to support an existing interior with subliminal elegance combined with an enticing feel.

Desso Halo carpet tiles – High quality for high demands

These extremely resilient Desso carpet tiles are comprised of strong Polyamide and 100% regenerated ECONYL yarn in combination with a sturdy Polyester fleece backing. The fleece can be replaced by Desso’s ProBase backing, which can ensure an even longer lasting effect and quality. For the yarn, a solution dye method was used in order to make sure that the colour retention of Desso Halo will last for many years without showing any signs of fading. There is also absolutely no problem with installing this product in very busy and frequented areas such as large offices, retailers, entrance halls and so forth. These tiles fit into the wear classification 33 – recommended for heavy commercial use. Moreover, there is no problem with using chair casters or combining them with an underfloor heating. After being tested on flammability, Desso Halo clearly revealed that there is no high risk of burning, due to scoring as Bfl-s1. That is the highest possible rank to be achieved, which indicates that the product is exceptionally fire resistant. Last but not least, these tiles are even considered as incredibly soft and provide additional underfoot comfort, according to the luxury class 3.

Sustainability – A major part of Desso’s strategy

Larger manufacturing companies all have a certain sustainability approach nowadays. This is no surprise considering the effect they have on this planets wellbeing and the growing trend towards preservation and going green. As such, Desso has launched their own project “Cradle to Cradle” that entirely deals with finding the most sustainable path to an end product that can be considered environmentally friendly. For that purpose, the firm wants all their materials to be toxin free by the year 2020 and only use renewable energy sources. Furthermore, it is vital for them to reutilise old products to create new high grade carpet tiles. This approach leads to a cycle of using the same materials without having to tap into the limited resources of our world.

Desso Halo – Effortless installation of modular carpet tiles

The reason why man companies choose for carpet tiles as their flooring is simple. In comparison with any other type, they are by far more flexible. This can be detected in several factors such as ease of transportation and storing or the final installation itself. Even after that, maintenance and cleaning is simplified through the fact that you can replace loose-lay carpet tiles whenever you want to without affecting the remaining floor. Another benefit is that you do not need any adhesives to fixate the flooring, which essentially saves time, money and avoids the risk of damaging the underfloor.

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