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Desso Libra Lines

Desso Libra Lines – Sturdy commercial carpet tiles with an intriguing design

Desso collections are all manufactured with the utmost care and focus on quality and design. With an elegant classic design, Libra Lines is a stylish yet dynamic tufted loop pile carpet tile. This product is a fitting flooring solution for a wide range of professional settings due to its structured pattern of multi coloured fine lines. Unlike most of their products, Desso Libra Lines has a unique pattern that includes several nuances of different tones for a complementing structural alignment. This assortment might be less subtle than others, but it offers a strong impact that will leave a long lasting impression with whoever walks over it.

Choose from 24 diverse Desso Libra Lines colour combinations

Desso Libra Lines has an intriguing design consisting of a multitude of vertical lines in different colours. It uses a space dyed yarn and is available in 24 different hues, bringing both style and durability to any commercial environment. The colour palette comprises a range of classic tones ranging from anthracites, beiges, browns to greys. Each of them complement each other very nicely, but can also be used individually. It is entirely up to you which way you prefer.

Desso Libra Lines – Premium quality carpet tiles for commercial areas

Desso Libra Lines is a collection of hardwearing carpet tiles that can be fitted into any commercial area, even being able to withstand heavy traffic and the use of chair casters. The structured loop pile underwent a solution dye method that ensures an incredibly long lasting colour retention in the fibres. Durable Polyamide and 100% regenerated ECONYL are used for the surface, combined with a Polyester fleece backing. On request, you can order Desso’s ProBase backing for improved qualitative features. A flammability test revealed that Desso Libra Lines is extremely flame retardant. Furthermore, these carpet tiles have antistatic properties and fit into the luxury class 2, for extra softness and underfoot comfort. This flooring has been proven to improve the indoor air quality and as such the general health of people who frequent that specific area. This fact can be a major benefit for any organisation who cares about the wellbeing of their employees.

Sustainability is a major focus of the company Desso

The company has launched its own project called “Cradle to Cradle” to instigate a broader awareness towards living in a greener world. In other words, Desso wants to only utilise renewable energy sources in the future and manage to use exclusively toxin free materials by the year 2020. Another important part of “Cradle to Cradle” is to make sure that old products are reused for new production processes to keep the cycle flowing without the need to drain further resources from this planet.

Effortless installation of Desso carpet tiles

Modular carpet tiles are rather easy to install especially compared to alternative flooring solutions. There are several reasons that support this argument such as ease of transportation, practical storing and essentially the installation itself. Since Desso carpet tiles are loose-lay, there is no need for any additional adhesives or primers. This fact saves a lot of time and money in addition to immediate usability of the floor.

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