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Desso Neo

Desso Neo carpet tiles – Expressive design for commercial flooring

The firm Desso has a large assortment of carpet tiles and specialises mainly on commercial areas. Most of their collections have a rather conventional design as not to overwhelm potential customers or visitors and employees. Desso Neo is different, since this vibrant tufted carpet tile contains bold, brightly irregular coloured lines that make it seem like traveling through space at high speed. This collection has a lot of character in terms of its pattern and the effect it has on the entire room. There are several reasons why this product is a good fit for offices and other public places. Apart from an intriguing design, these carpet tiles are extremely hardwearing and can withstand heavy footfall on a daily basis according to its use classification 33.

Choose from 8 breath-taking Desso Neo colour combinations

Desso Neo is an expressive and vibrant tufted design carpet tile comprised of bold and bright coloured lines that are set against a plain, dark background. This style gives Neo a vivid face, daring character and movement to any space. This Desso product is available in 8 colour combinations where a neutral backdrop is injected with lines of brighter shades such as pink and orange or yellow and lime green to add interest without being too overpowering. Desso Neo has the capability to improve any modest looking office by a great margin, which essentially can benefit both the employees and visitors.

Desso Neo – High quality carpet tiles for your office

The company Desso has a strong strategic focus on quality, from materials used to the entire production process. Not only do they emphasise the importance of quality, but additionally utilising the most sustainable manufacturing methods including recycling materials. Desso Neo has a first-class Polyamide yarn made of 100% regenerated ECONYL material. The solution dyed tufted loop pile ensures that the carpet tile retains its colour for many years and on top of that this particular product even falls under the luxury class 2, which means that you can be sure to enjoy a soft and gentle surface for an extra underfoot comfort. If you decide to install Desso Neo in your office area, you will benefit from an exceptional design. The use of chair casters and furniture is permitted and neither of both will damage the flooring in any way. Moreover, these carpet tiles are compatible with underfloor heating and have antistatic properties. Regardless of the conditions in the office, there is no risk of the tiles deforming. Desso carpet tiles are CRI Plus as well as GUT certified, which means that they actively improve the indoor air quality.

Loose-lay carpet tiles ensure an easy installation

Modular carpeting has become more and more favourable over the last years. People are turning towards this type of flooring due to the many possibilities it offers and the extreme flexibility that comes with it. In comparison to carpet rolls, you have a whole new world of options with carpet tiles. They come in a very handy size of 50cm x 50cm that enable laying in any room and condition, regardless of sharp corners and edges. It is also a lot easier to transport them and in case there are some leftover, storing carpet tiles is simple and requires little to almost no space. The probably most favourable aspect is the fact that they are loose-lay. The floor can be laid without any adhesives and is immediately usable after installation.

Sustainability guaranteed with Desso Neo

Desso carpet tiles are all manufactured according to strict standards concerning the environmental impact they have on this planet. Essentially, the firm wants all their materials to be toxin free by 2020 and only use renewable energy to make new high grade products. This should further the cause of ending the need to continually draw on the world finite resources to meet growing consumer demand across the globe. Desso Neo improves the indoor air quality and uses 100% regenerated ECONYL materials for their sustainability cause.

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