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Desso Palatino

Desso Palatino carpet tiles – When practicality meets elegance

In this collection, Desso unified a luxurious and elegant look with sturdy and highly resilient properties to create a first-class allround flooring that fulfils any need. Palatino has a sumptuous twisted cut pile surface that makes for a stylish design statement, especially since it is available in 36 impressionable colours variations. The opportunities are endless to create distinctive and bright interiors. In addition, to making quality products the company has a strong focus on sustainability, especially with the limited resources available in our world it is vital to refrain from excessive resource exploitations.

Make your choice from 36 striking Desso Palatino colour combinations

Desso Pallas has an impressive selection of 36 nuances. You can either go with contemporary colourways like anthracites, greys and beiges or pick vibrant tones such as crimson red, ocean blue, orange and even an intense purple. Since these are modular carpet tiles, it is up to you whether to make a uniform floor of one colour or if you decide to combine several different tones for a more exciting look. 

Desso Palatino – Premium quality carpet tiles for your office

Desso only uses the best materials for the production of Palatino carpet tiles. The pile fibres are composed of extremely hardwearing Polyamide that ascertains a strong and long lasting product, specifically applicable to public areas. Desso Palatino is categorised as wear class 33, suitable for heavy commercial use. In other words, these carpet tiles can withstand consistent footfall without facing the risk of taking any inherent damage. All Desso carpet tiles are also tested on how they react in case of a fire. The flammability status is in accordance with EU regulations and Palatino scores as Bfl-s1, which essentially is immensely flame retardant. Antistatic properties ensure no charging through friction created when people walk over this floor. The probably most amazing feat about this carpet tile is that it is graded as luxury class 3, meaning that Desso Palatino has an exceptionally high softness factor for additional underfoot comfort.

Easy installation of Desso Palatino carpet tiles

In general, it is rather simple to install carpet tiles. Modular flooring enables quick and effortless transportation followed by easy laying without the need of any specific adhesives. Should there be excess tiles, you can simply store them for later use due to their handy format. They do not require a lot of space and can be stacked on top of each other.

Effortless maintenance and cleaning – Desso Palatino

Modular carpet tiles have an incredible advantage in terms of cleaning and maintenance over traditional carpeting. Simply said, manufacturers nowadays construct their products in such a way that the surface manages to store most of the dirt and dust particles, yet easily releases it when cleaned. Of course, every now and then it happens that someone spills a drink or drops something that causes a serious stain on the floor and precisely then it is favourable to have carpet tiles, because you can simply replace an entire piece with a new tile.

Desso carpet tiles – Take the eco-friendly approach

The company Desso invests an incredibly high effort into sustainable manufacturing and recycling of materials and products. By 2020 the firm wants all their materials to be free of toxins that could cause any harm (although allowed by regulations certain chemical components are not healthy enough to be passed as Cradle to Cradle). As such, whenever you order Desso Palatino you can request their EcoBase backing instead of the standard one, for an additional sustainability factor.

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