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Desso Pallas

Desso Pallas carpet tiles – Unlimited design possibilities

Desso Pallas are hardwearing carpet tiles that are highly suggested for use in public areas, such as offices, retailers or corridors. The tufted loop pile yarn made from Polyamide has long lasting properties that ensure a solid flooring for many years without the risk of any signs of wear and tear on the product. Accordingly, Desso Pallas fits in the wear classification 33 – recommended for heavy commercial use. In other words, extremely busy circumstances with constant traffic will not affect these tiles in any negative way. Even the use of chair casters is granted and the slip resistant properties are another important safety factor, especially in commercial places. This reliable and sturdy collection has the benefit that it is available in a vast amount of appealing colours with a choice that meets anyone’s desires and expectations.

Abundant selection of 60 Desso Pallas colours

This incredible assortment has at least three times more colours to choose from than most other Desso collections. This leaves a difficult but intriguing job for the customer who might be overwhelmed by the possibilities. However, 60 different nuances provide the unique chance to create a floor unlike anything else, since it is very unlikely that someone else has the same combination of different colours. One of the benefits of modular carpet tiles is that you can mix various tones together as you like and they can be effortlessly incorporated into any design scheme to personalise a space. This extensive palette ranges from traditional greys, anthracites and blues to warm neutrals. Besides that, Desso Pallas offers vivid contemporary shades such as orange, yellow, red, pink, green and purple.

Desso Pallas – Premium quality carpet tiles

Desso carpet tiles are renowned for their impeccable credentials and high standards. Because of that, many larger firms and other public organisations turn to Desso when they need a new floor covering. Desso Pallas has a Polyamide fibre composition for a strong and durable surface that is combined with a qualitative Polyester fleece backing that savours warmth, yet is still compatible with underfloor heating. Naturally, these carpet tiles have antistatic properties and are not prone to deformation. Apart from all these convincing technological benefits, Desso Pallas ranks for luxury class 2, which indicates an exceptionally soft and comforting touch and feel. Moreover, this product was tested for its flammability and is classified as remarkably flame retardant (Bfl-s1).

Effortless installation of a sturdy Desso product

Desso Pallas is categorised as modular carpet tiles. This automatically entails several benefits involving transportation, storing of tiles as well as the actual installation. The entire Desso selection comes in a standardised size of 50cm x 50cm. This handy format is the main reason why many companies and other public institutions that need a new flooring, request carpet tiles. In comparison to other types of floor solutions, the time required is minimal and there is no need to wait for adhesives to dry. Loose-lay carpet tiles can be laid and used instantly. Especially favourable in large offices, because often the cabling is underneath a raised floor. So, if there is a problem and a technician has to access the wires, all he needs to do is lift any individual tile to solve the issue. Other floor covering do not provide such a simple solution. Another advantage of being able to remove or replace single tiles is for cleaning or general maintenance purposes. Should there be a serious stain on a certain area; you can replace one piece with a new one.

Choose the sustainable way – Desso Pallas

Desso started the project “Cradle to Cradle” with the purpose to go even beyond what most people conceive as sustainability. By 2020 they want all their materials to be free of any kind of toxins that could cause harm. Another important point of this project is to use only renewable energy sources and most importantly, Desso emphasises material reutilisation. With the focus on limiting waste, the firm recycles old carpets and reuses the materials to create a circle flow without having to dip constantly into the planet’s finite resources.

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All 60 Desso Pallas colours are available in our web shop. In addition, we offer all remaining Desso collections for you. If you are not entirely certain whether the carpet tiles will fit in your home or office, you can order a free sample first and convince yourself of the quality and colour. Please do not hesitate to contact us, if there are any other questions. 

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