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Desso Rock – Carpet tiles inspired by nature

Desso Rock has a striking textured loop pile that is inspired by nature and designed to create an impact and definition across flooring schemes. This collection can be used to complement Desso Salt in order to create unique spaces and zoning, or on its own it is equally compelling. This assortment’s simple yet impressive design brings back thoughts of nature, which can be a great relief and trigger for better work productivity in offices and induce a more relaxed atmosphere. This can also be beneficial for retailers who want their customers to loosen up for a better shopping mood and take their time while browsing through the store.

Choose from 12 diverse Desso Rock colours for your interior

Desso Rock is available in 12 contrasting colours that will fit any situation and setting. There are several classic tones such as anthracite, beige and multiple variations of grey shades. If you are looking for something more vibrant and lively, there is crimson red, azure blue, golden yellow and grass green. As you can see, the choice is broad and appeals to any taste. Now, if for some reason all these possibilities are still not sufficient, you can freely combine Desso Rock with the entire Desso Salt carpet tile collection for additional options and styles. With this amazing variety, there is no limit to the creativity of your floor covering.

Take the eco-friendly approach with Desso carpet tiles

Nowadays companies cannot ignore the impact they have on the environment anymore. Especially in manufacturing areas where each time new material is needed and a lot of energy is used. Not only organisations but also consumers have steadily become more and more aware of how this planet is affected by the ever growing trend of consumerism. Desso has taken the eco-conscious approach seriously by launching a project called “Cradle to Cradle”. The aim is to utilise only renewable energy sources and make sure that all the material that goes into production is toxin free by 2020. Furthermore, the carpet tiles are manufactured in a specific way so that they absorb dirt and dust particles into the yarn and as a result greatly improve the indoor air quality and health of anyone affected.  

Desso Rock carpet tiles – High quality for a strong impact

This Desso collection is made of extremely hardwearing Polyamide and 100% ECONYL that both ensure a long lifespan in any commercial area. Further on this point, Desso Rock is recommended for heavy commercial use, according to the wear classification 33. This means that even during the busiest times in offices, these carpet tiles will not show any signs of wear and tear. The firm used a solution dye method for the fibres to ensure that the colour retains its look for many years. Desso Rock was tested on flammability and scored extremely positive as being highly flame resistant. Additionally, temperature swings will not cause any deformation in the product and antistatic properties will reassure that no person actually gets charged from the friction.  

Easy installation and maintenance of reliable Desso products

The reason why modular carpet tiles have become so popular is simple. In comparison to all other types of flooring, they are the most flexible. This is especially important for businesses, since they do not want to waste a lot of time on having to install a floor, which drastically affects productivity. Carpet tiles on the other hand are easy to transport, fairly quick to install and afterwards immediately ready for use. On top of that, much less waste is created due to the handy format of these tiles. In any office you work, people will drink coffee and consumer other things. Naturally, it will happen that stains are made in which case it is difficult to clean them. This does not apply to this type of flooring, because you can replace any individual tile with a new one and the whole problem is fixed.  

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