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Desso Salt – Hardwearing carpet tiles with a soft touch

Desso Salt has a striking yet subtle colour accent that can be added to any interior. It looks as if there is a layer of salt stones spread across a muted toned floor. The combination of these two different aspects create an interesting looking flooring that provides any commercial area with a natural organic structure. Desso Salt can withstand high levels of footfall for many years without sustaining any signs of permanent damage. This is one of the many benefits of having carpet tiles in public spaces and buildings.

Choose from an interesting Desso Salt colour palette

Desso Salt is available in 6 classic muted colours that all have a hint of grey in it to resemble the look of salt stones. There is anthracite, a modest blue, Bordeaux red, yellow and grey. All of which add a subtle beauty to any interior decoration, especially concerning its two-tone structure that introduces a layer of colour without dominating the space. This collection can be combined with Desso Rock to mix subtle shades with bright, vibrant accents and blocks of colour.

Desso Salt carpet tiles – High quality flooring for offices

If you are looking for sturdy and reliable carpet tiles, Desso Salt is a superb option for various reasons. This high/low tufted loop pile is made of hardwearing Polyamide and a 100% ECONYL, which is supported by a strong Polyester fleece backing. Now, there is also the possibility to exchange the standard backing for Desso’s ProBase version that ensures an even longer lasting carpet tile with a secure and strong hold. For the yarn, a solution dye method is used to guarantee that over the years the colour will not fade and retain the same look as when it was newly bought. According to the use classification 33, Desso Salt is extremely resilient and will not show any signs of wear and tear, even in the busiest of offices or retailers. Additionally, it is allowed to use chair casters on this floor covering and even an underfloor heating is fully compatible with these tiles. Thanks to the immaculate manufacturing methods and high quality materials that are used, these Desso carpet tiles greatly improve indoor air quality and with that the general health of anyone who frequents that area.

Sustainability is a major concern for the company Desso

For many years now, it has been Desso’s goal to improve their manufacturing methods and the materials they use, to continue to grow in their field of business without further negatively affecting the wellbeing of the environment. For this specific reason, the firm started a project called “Cradle to Cradle” with the mission to use only toxin free materials by the year 2020. In addition, Desso wants to utilise renewable energy sources only and create a circle flow of material to reduce the amount of resources used for every production. Contrarily, reusing old product for new high grade carpet tiles will greatly limit the damage and draining of natural resources for the benefit of growing consumer demand.

Desso Salt – Effortless installation and maintenance of modular carpet tiles

Modular carpet tiles have become the first choice for many commercial and public areas, because of their incredible flexibility when it comes to laying the floor and maintaining it. Desso Salt is no different. It is a loose-lay product that comes in a handy size of 50cm x 50cm, which greatly simplifies storing of tiles as well as the transportation. When installing this type of flooring, there is no need for hazardous glues or primers to steady the ground. As a result, you will save a lot of time and money by choosing carpet tiles instead of other alternative flooring solutions. Once they are laid, it is very easy to maintain this product. They are specifically produces in such a way that dirt simply gets released when cleaned or vacuumed. Furthermore, individual tiles can be replaced or removed entirely if any serious stains should occur.

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