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Desso Scape

Desso Scape – Hardwearing carpet tiles with a unique design

This collection is noted for its first-class quality and extreme durability, which essentially makes it perfectly suitable for any type of commercial setting. Apart from its technical benefits, Desso Scape has a very intriguing design. Inspired by natural materials and elements, it uses irregular highs and lows to create a handmade natural effect flooring.  Ideal for use in modern office interiors to add calm to a space, the carpet tile’s neutral colour palette makes it easy to combine with other interior elements, such as furniture and lighting. Desso Scape is classified as 33 – recommended for heavy commercial use. It means that this assortment can even be used in extremely busy circumstances, such as public areas or considerably large offices. Additionally, there is no problem with using chair casters on this flooring.

Pick from 18 diverse Desso Scape colour combinations

Desso Scape has a wide array of 18 different colours. The selection entails classic tones, such as anthracites, greys and blues. In addition to that, you can find beautifully vibrant nuances of sunshine yellow, crimson red and forest green. With this abundance of tones, you can give creativity a new meaning and use a unique combination of colours for an enticing looking flooring. Naturally, there is always the possibility to remain with classic muted colours for a more traditional flair. Regardless of which choice you make, Desso Scape will greatly improve your floor covering by adding an incredible pattern with various styles that you decide on.

Installation and maintenance made easy with Desso Scape

In comparison with other types of flooring, modular carpet tiles have the great advantage that they are easy to store if not needed immediately. Furthermore, the practical size of 50cm x 50cm enables simple transportation in boxes. The best part about using carpet tiles as floor covering is the installation. Since they are loose-lay you do not necessarily need any additional adhesives to lay the floor. This has multiple benefits, such as saving money on extra products as well as preserving the underfloor without the risk of damaging it through hazardous glues. There are also a lot less offcuts, which apart from being another money saving factor, also help preserve the environment by creating less waste. Once the carpet tiles are installed, cleaning and maintenance in general becomes an easy task. The tough surface enables quick cleaning and should there ever be a serious stain, individual tiles can be replaced in no time and requiring almost no effort. Especially in commercial situations, a lot of trouble can be avoided by utilising this type of flooring over others, due to the before mentioned arguments.

Desso Scape – High quality carpet tiles for commercial areas

This Desso assortment is very popular in offices and other business related public settings. Due to premium material used for the manufacturing process, Desso carpet tiles are extraordinarily robust and therefore last for many years. Scape has a tufted loop pile surface made from Polyamide 6, a very strong type of fibre that has been modified to retain a softer surface, even ranking under the luxury class 2. So, in addition to getting a reliable and resilient flooring, Desso Scape adds an extra comfort bonus. This selection is compatible with underfloor heating and has antistatic properties, ensuring that no friction is created from people walking on the carpet tiles.

Take the eco-friendly approach with Desso Scape carpet tiles

The company Desso created their sustainability project, called “Cradle to Cradle”. In this programme they focus on the importance of reusing material for new products, keeping the same cycle of products used without creating more waste and using new material. By 2020 Desso wants all their materials to be free of toxins and mainly use renewable energy sources to make new products, ending the continuous need to draw on the earth’s resources just to meet growing consumer demands. At the customer’s request, there is even the possibility to replace the original backing with an EcoBase version that contains at least 70% Cradle to Cradle positively defined recycled content.

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