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Desso Tempra

Desso Tempra – Hardwearing and highly functional carpet tiles

Desso Tempra is a smart looking carpet tile that is resilient and exceptionally functional. It provides just the right amount of style to inspire busy commercial offices. Available in a range of 60 colours with certain shades accessible in broadloom, the combination of creative design possibilities is endless. Desso Tempra can withstand very high levels of traffic seen in offices, retailers or other general public places. This flooring is compatible with underfloor heating and chair casters. Additionally, it even scores a point in the luxury class, which makes this option not only functional but even adds a certain level of comfort.

Pick from a broad Desso Tempra colour palette of 60 different hues

Desso Tempra has a homely design that can ease the atmosphere in any office setting. Regardless of what kind of interior decoration is present, this collection of carpet tiles will fit into any setting. With an incredibly huge choice of 60 different colours, there is a match for anyone’s taste. There is a large offer of contemporary muted tones, accompanied by a very lively availability of expressive colours. With this broad choice the options are unlimited, especially since modular carpet tiles offer the possibility to mix different tones together and create your own unique look.

Desso Tempra carpet tiles – Sustainability is essential

Many firms have a green approach nowadays, but Desso goes beyond what most people conceive as sustainability. Having an eco-friendly impact is so important for them that they launched a project called “Cradle to Cradle”, which entirely focuses on greener manufacturing. The goal is to only use toxin free materials by 2020 in addition to utilising renewable energy sources for the production process. Furthermore, most of their products are available with an EcoBase backing and use 100% regenerated ECONYL for the fibre composition.

Premium quality for your office space with Desso Tempra

This assortment of Desso carpet tiles offers amazing functionality combined with remarkable durability. As a result, you have the perfect flooring solution for any commercial area. The strong Polyamide surface ensures a long lasting product that can tolerate even the heaviest traffic for many years without a problem (wear classification 33). Desso uses Polyester fleece as a standard backing for most of their products. It is a very reliable and tough material that on request can even be upgraded to Desso ProBase Polyver. Furthermore, Desso Tempra has antistatic properties and is compatible with underfloor heating. Another advantage of this type of flooring is the fact that the indoor air quality is greatly improved through absorbing dirt and dust particles into the carpet tiles.

Effortless installation of a sturdy Desso product

In the past years, many companies have been turning towards carpet tiles as flooring. This is not an unexpected trend considering the many functional benefits they offer. The format of 50cm x 50cm is advantageous in many situations such as transportation, storing and effectively installation. Moreover, you are able to implement these tiles in even the most angled rooms that usually face issues when needing a new flooring. That results in a lot less waste, because there is no need for many offcuts and probably one of the biggest benefits is the fact that they are loose-lay. As such, adhesives or primers are not a necessity anymore. Naturally, in extremely busy areas it is advised to support the tiles with some sort of dry glue, but this product can also be laid without.

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