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Desso Torso

Desso Torso – Resilient carpet tiles for your office

Desso Torso combines luxury and elegance with quality and reliability to provide a flooring solution fir for any environment. Whether you need it for an office or for a different type of commercial area, this product is perfectly eligible. Desso Torso has unlimited design and colour possibilities that provide the option to create an entirely unique flooring. So, if you are looking for a giant in the field of carpet tiles, this product fulfils all expectations from quality to luxury standards and much more. The all-round class offered by this carpet tile collection is impossible to find anywhere else and will most likely even exceed your expectations.

Choose from 60 different Desso Torso colours and find the perfect match

Desso Torso has a straightforward design that with a hint of elegance offers a subliminal addition to any interior decoration. A lively cut pile structure, combined with an elegant blend of dark and light tones and a diversity of colours gives this product its intense colour impression and a rich look. This amazing collection is available in 60 different nuances, which leaves no desire untouched. Every imaginable contemporary tone is available from anthracites, greys, beiges to browns. If that does not interest you, there is a broad selection of vibrant colours of all sorts such as red, orange, blue, purple and pink. Since these are modular carpet tiles, it is in your power to decide whether you just want one hue or if you wish to combine multiple colours for an enticing contrast and unique flooring.

Desso – A firm with a strong ecological approach

The company Desso has been very involved in finding eco-friendly ways to manufacture carpet tiles. Nowadays consumers as well as governments expect companies to find the most sustainable path in terms of production. For that reason, Desso launched a project called “Cradle to Cradle”, which solely focuses on using renewable energy sources and utilising toxin free materials only, by the year 2020. All their products must adhere to the strict rules of “Cradle to Cradle” and have the status of “healthy”. In some cases, the law grants certain materials but the same ones do not pass the requirements of Desso. This shows the effort and seriousness in the company’s approach to sustainable production.

High quality carpet tiles provided by Desso Torso

The company Desso is intent on producing the highest quality products combined with a striking design. They emphasise strongly the importance of mixing extreme resilience with a sense of luxury and elegance. For commercial areas this is quite uncommon, since usually people are more interested in the durability and general functionality of modular carpet tiles. Desso Torso is able to withstand heavy commercial traffic, according to the use classification 33 and can even tolerate the use of chair casters. It also scores 3 out of 5 points in the luxury class, which basically means that this flooring is extremely soft and provides additional underfoot comfort. Apart from that, it is exceptionally flame retardant and has antistatic properties. The cut pile surface ensures a unique and elegant design, which combined with a Polyester fleece backing rounds off an amazing product. On request it is possible to order Desso’s ProBase Polyver backing that offers an improved version of the standard backing.

Easy installation and maintenance of Desso carpet tiles

In recent years it has become more and more prevalent for offices and other commercial places to use carpet tiles as floor covering. This is no surprise when considering the immense flexibility that they can offer you. The handy size of 50cm x 50cm allows for easy transportation with boxes to difficult to reach areas such as higher floors in a building. In case you have some excess tiles left, there is no problem in storing them, since they basically take away no space. When it comes to the actual installation, you could not ask for anything easier than loose-lay carpet tiles. As the name already suggests, you can lay this floor without the need of any adhesives or primers. All in all, this product saves you a lot of time and money in addition to being immediately ready for use after installation. Even the following maintenance of is made easy, since they specifically manufactured in a way to contain dirt, but simply release it when being cleaned. Should a product ever get severely damaged or stained, you can always replace the affected tile with a new one. Last but not least, Desso carpet tiles greatly enhance the indoor air quality, which positively impacts the health of anyone frequenting that area.

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