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Dura Carpet Tiles – The Highest Quality From A German Manufacturer

Founded in 1955, Dura comes with extensive experience and great tradition in manufacturing carpets. Christian Wirth, the company’s founder, was one of the first people in Germany to employ tufting in order to produce 3D textile surfaces. Nowadays, tufting is the most popular method in terms of carpet manufacturing. Thus, you can be certain that all of Dura’s carpet tiles are of the highest quality, and can be used both in regular households, as well as in commercial spaces. Dura covers a wide range of colours, textures and applications throughout their numerous collections, all of which you can find in our online shop. The German manufacturer follows the latest developments in the field of interior design and architecture in order to provide carpets and carpet tiles that perfectly match any kind of spatial concept or style. In addition, the duraAir carpet tiles from Dura follow the strictest of guidelines when it comes to environmental and consumer protection. In fact, Dura is one of the first manufacturers to have been certified by the Association of Environmentally Friendly Carpets e.V. (German association, abbrev. GuT), and it is strongly committed to producing environmentally- and health-friendly textile floor coverings. In addition to their impressive quality, the Dura carpet tiles also amaze with their attractive designs and stylish colours. Whether you need carpet tiles for commercial or private purposes, you can explore the numerous collections from Dura in our online shop.

Choose from numerous Dura carpet tile design with impressive modern colours

Dura products do not only convince on a technical level, but their versatile collections also impress visually. The numerous types of patterns and textures give you an extended choice to find the perfect match for your home or office. Their meticulously worked yarns add a certain depth and elegance to whichever situation necessary, presenting you with either a soft-looking flooring or something more rough and resilient. These features help reducing the amount of dirt and fine dust that accumulate in the tiles as well as limit the visual impact of stains on the flooring. If striped patterns or ribbed Corduroy, Dura offers an extensive variety of enticing textures that are specifically viable for upgrading the visual impact of any residential setting. With an amazing price-performance ratio, Dura carpet tiles are especially appealing, especially if laid out in a checkerboard pattern. In terms of colourways, Dura works hard to continuously offer the most modern and trendy tones that are visually impressive and fit the demand of the growing market. Thanks to the help of competent designers, employees and the input of customers, they were able to introduce a versatile palette with up and coming hues such as marine blue and eggplant. Dura Terra is an ongoing success and very popular collection with a fine loop pile yarn and modern range of colours. These carpet tiles can be installed in a checkerboard pattern or in a linear way both of which have an elegant and sophisticated look. Depending on your preferences, you can choose your desired installation method. A careful veining ensures that these Dura products are insensitive against small stains, which makes them a valuable choice even for areas with high traffic. 

Dura carpet tiles with duraAir – Quality of the highest level

Dura can look back on a long and fruitful tradition that is the basic module for their high quality carpet tiles. Their relentless aspiration for improvement is what shaped this company into one of today’s largest and most successful manufacturers of carpet tiles. With its 2 main locations in Germany, the focus lies on producing highest quality: First-class yarns and modern production processes guarantee a qualitative and faultless product. These carpet tiles are extremely sturdy and offer all the visual expectations you would have for a beautiful and elegant looking flooring. Generally, Dura’s assortments are compatible with underfloor heating and are even able to sustain the use of chair casters without suffering any damage. Equipped with duraAir, these tiles have proven to amount of fine dust particles in the air, which in return benefits anyone’s health who frequents the area. Furthermore, Dura products have sound insulating properties that reduce noise and therefore create a more harmonic and relaxed atmosphere. 

Benefit from a foolproof installation with Dura carpet tiles with duraAir 

The advantages that carpet tiles have over hard surface flooring is widely known – Higher comfort, softer underfoot feeling, sound insulation and improvement of indoor air quality. All these arguments are very convincing, yet the fact that they are loose-lay is probably the strongest point. For almost any other type of flooring you need a fitter who can help you install your product. On the contrary, these carpet tiles do not need any adhesives, which greatly simplifies the entire laying process, considering that all you need to do is lay them next to each other. Now in some areas you will need some offcuts, but in total, you will save a lot of money and preserve the environment by limiting the amount of waste created as well as not using toxic primers or glues. The practical format of 50cm x 50cm is another great advantage of using this type of floor covering compared to others. It enables you to install them in any room, no matter how irregular it is. 

Dura carpet tiles with duraAir – care for the environment

In many ways, Dura carpet tiles have a positive effect on your health, as well as an increased environmental protection. duraAir is a unique, patented technology for cleaner indoor air.  It has been scientifically proven for a long time that carpets are a healthier alternative compared to smooth flooring. They bind fine dust and thus ensure a better indoor climate. With duraAir, Dura adds to these already existing properties an even better function: an active agent is impregnated onto the carpet tiles during the manufacturing process. This agent is harmless for people and animals, but when molecules such as harmful formaldehyde or nicotine reach the carpet, these particles are transformed and degraded. Thanks to this degradation process, the active agent does not weaken after a certain time, and instead remains permanently active. Dura does not only take your health into consideration, but also the environment. Early on, Dura joined the Association of Environmentally Friendly Carpets e.V. (GuT), which guarantees an environmentally conscious production. Dura was also one of the first manufacturers to introduce duraGreen on the market. duraGreen is a sustainable carpet concept in which the special DuPont Sorona fibers consist of 37% renewable raw materials. The duraGreen carpet tiles require 30% less energy for production and accumulate up to 63% less CO2.

Dura carpet tiles on BRICOFLOR UK

The renowned carpet tile producer Dura has a broad assortment with a large variety of classic as well as modern colours that appeal to anyone’s taste and desires. Immense durability and strength are two of the main factors why you can find collections for both domestic and commercial use. Visit our online shop BRICOFLOR UK and you will find a versatile accumulation of amazing carpet tiles in every imaginable colour. Whether you prefer a ribbed look, or you want a softer surface, subtle shades or upbeat splashes of colour, Dura carpet tiles can deliver. You can either place an order directly via our website or request free samples first to ensure that you have made the correct choice. If you have any questions concerning the products or otherwise, do not hesitate to contact our friendly customer service. 

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