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Heuga 700 Interloop – durable carpet tiles for every room

The Heuga 700 Interloop range comes in 4 different colours, ranging from natural brown to blue shades. The hard-wearing carpet tiles can be installed throughout your home and will last for many years. The quality polypropylene yarn and Graphlar® backing used in these carpet tiles make sure of that.

Order Heuga 700 Interloop in 4 natural colours

This resilient collection of carpet tiles comes in 4 natural and calm colours. These colours succeed in optically enhancing every room and can also be combined with each other to create a very personal and unique design. You can let your creativity run free and create exciting patterns or srtipes.

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Laying carpet tiles made easy by Heuga

Because of its loose-lay installation system, laying Heuga carpet tiles could not be easier. Their special texture makes seams disappear, making for an excellent finish. But not only laying the carpet tiles is easy, cleaning them is too! If you cannot get rid of a particular stain, simply take out the affected tile to clean or, if need be, replace it.

Heuga 700 Interloop – Inexpensive carpet tiles for everyone

Heuga 700 is the perfect budget choice if you are looking for inexpensive carpet tiles and high quality. Since the carpet tiles are made from 100% polypropylene and equipped with a Graphlex® backing, they are extremely durable. They also are designed to be anti-static and flame retardant, to ensure maximum safety in your home. The carpet tile's texture makes stains hard to spot, leaving your floor to look good for years. Combining all these qualities, you will get an exciting floor that is easy to maintain and very resilient.

A company with a eco-friendly mission

Loose lay carpet tiles, like Heuga 700 Interloop, are a very eco-friendly product: Due to their handy size (50x50cm), you will have minimal waste when installing the carpet tiles and you do not have to use toxic adhesives in the process. But not only their products, but also Heuga as a company are environmentally friendly: With their project “Mission Zero”, Heuga set out to be completely sustainable by 2020. Using recycled yarn and green energy, Heuga are setting an example for sustainable production.

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