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Heuga Fresh Flavour – high-end loose lay carpet tiles

Heuga Fresh Flavour brings a very modern and exciting look to your home or office. The resilient carpet tiles are made of multi-coloured yarn in big but dense loops, making it very interesting and easy to maintain. High-quality materials make for a luxurious surface and outstanding resilience. Since loose-laying carpet tiles are very easy to install, you can quickly turn any room into an eyecatcher.

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Exciting Heuga Fresh Flavour carpet tiles with a hint of subtlety

This collection's unique style is achieved by combining quality colours and excellent workmanship. All 12 styles have been named after exciting metropolises and form the perfect basis for calm and neutral interiors, without appearing dull. The Fresh Flavour collection by Heuga offers loose lay carpet tiles in warm as well as cold colours. “Bangkok” and “Oslo” come in 2 different shades of grey, whereas Cairo and Marrakesh represent warm tones. The latter get their beautiful colours from the perfectly matching shades of brown used in the multi-coloured yarn. The bouclé design makes for an exciting look, that is added luxury by the combination of matt and shiny yarn. “Delhi” is the brightest colour in this collection, whose intense red colour is lightened by grey and soft orange loops, making it perfect to combine with the other styles. Since Fresh Flavour carpet tiles are modular, you can combine any of the styles as you like. This way, you can create an unique floor with stripes (e.g. a single, wide stripe or many smaller stripes), chequered patterns or other colourful highlights. There are no limits to your creativity!

Carpet tiles Fresh Flavour – a high-quality product by Heuga

Heuga carpet tiles stands for quality products that will last for a long time. The yarn used for the Fresh Flavour collection is made of 100% polyamide, making the tiles extremely resilient. The outstanding resilience makes this floor suitable for castor chairs and underfloor heating systems. To ensure safety in your home or office, the carpet tiles are flame retardant and slip resistant. At the same time, the impact sound reduction creates a quiet atmosphere and the thick yarn makes for a comfortably soft floor. Convinced of their high-quality product, Heuga offer a 7-year warranty.

Heuga Fresh Flavour carpet tiles can be installed in no time

Fresh Flavour loose lay carpet tiles come in a handy size (50x50xm), making them very easy to transport and install. When laying the tiles, you simply need to fix some key tiles to the floor (with adhesive or double-sided tape). The remaining tiles do not have to be glued to the floor, the Graphlex® backing and the improved dimensional stability make sure that every single tile stays in place. As easy as the carpet tiles are to install, they are just as easy to  remove. You can simply take out individual tiles (e.g. for intensive cleaning or replacement) or take all tiles with you to install in a different room (when moving houses).

Heuga – the market leader in carpet tiles that focuses on sustainability

Enviromentalism is a topic that concers everyone. The renowned manufacturer of carpet tiles that is Heuga also attends this problem and pursues an effective program to reduce emissions. When choosing carpet tiles over conventional carpet, you the option that produces less waste when installing the floor (especially in rooms full of nooks and crannies) and does not need adhesives. But Heuga also lives environmentalism actively: Besides working on environmentally friendly transportation, Heuga carpet tiles uses green energy to produce their high-quality assortment. Products by Heuga not only are a good choice for your home and budget, but also for your conscience.

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