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Heuga Interlay – Your Comfort Solution

This product is a magnificent addition to your Heuga carpet tiles. Heuga invented their interlay to ensure the aspect of extra comfort in your living environment. Interlay is an underfloor material that sits between your carpet tiles and your floor.;

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Heuga Interlay (Underlay)

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It enhances the cushioning from the carpet tile, providing added comfort and further noise reduction. The Interlay tiles are loose-lay, resilient and extremely long lasting. Naturally you want the people using your space, to feel as comfortable as possible. Whether that is an office space, hotel or cinema. The carpet tiles themselves will provide enough acoustic insulation, but when you need extra sound absorption and efficiency, you can use Interlay for an entire space or isolated areas.

Advantages Offered By Heuga Interlay

There are many benefits to implementing Heuga Interlay into your home. Firstly, just like Heuga carpet tiles, this underlay is a loose-lay type, meaning it can be installed with its own self-adhesive, leaving the cost and need for a professional behind. Secondly, it can still be used even after changing or replacing your carpet tiles, saving you time and money. Thirdly, you will experience a major upgrade to the comfort of your floor. Heuga Interlay is an exceedingly resilient product that will guarantee many years of pleasure in your home, office or business.

Heuga Interlay – Good For You and Your Neighbours

This underfloor solution is perfectly suitable for any domestic situation. However, people living in apartments will especially benefit from this product. This line offers maximum comfort and helps reduce room noise. If you live on the top floor of an apartment building, for example, the constant worry of waking your neighbours can vanish with the help of Heuga’s Interlay underfloor tiles to achieve a noise reduction of 4dB. Any further questions regarding this line, please feel free to contact us