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Heuga Le Bistro carpet tiles for a clean and comfortable home

If you have a family, you know that a floor not only needs to look good, but it also has to be very resilient. Heuga's Le Bistro carpet tiles easily withstand everyday wear and tear and are the perfect floor for a hectic family life. The surface has been treated to be stain-resistant. But a hygienic floor does not have to be boring! Le Bistro collections comes in 17 different colours which can be combined to create exciting and unique patterns. They also are very easy to install and can be walked on immediately after installation.


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Choose from a wide range of Heuga Le Bistro carpet tile colours

This collection's delicate loops are comprised of high-quality yarn in well-matched colour shades. This makes for a great heathered style that perfectly succeeds in hiding stains. Le Bistro collection comes in an impressive range of colours: It is comprised of 17 colours, ranging from timeless shades of brown and beige to more colourful tones of blue and red. The blue and green colours create a calm atmosphere in any room and all styles are very natural in their tones. Since you can combine any colours in this collection, you do not have to choose only one. Unleash your creativity and create your very individual room by making stripes, chequered patterns or highlighting areas in the room – there are no limits!

Heuga Le Bistro – the family-friendliy carpet tile

In households with children, food and drink is often spilled, which can result in ugly stains and can be a breeding ground for bacteria. Heuga carpet tiles know that and used a special treatment on the Le Bistro carpet tiles' surfaces to make them stain-resistant. This way, dirt particles cannot enter the yarn as quickly and can be removed very easily. The special antimicrobial treatment actively works against the reproduction and spreading of bacteria and mould fungi to create a hygienic atmosphere for your own and your children's sake.

High-quality carpet tiles for everyone

Heuga Le Bistro carpet tiles receive a special treatment to make them stain-resistant and antimicrobial. Furthermore, the loop piles are made of 100% high-quality polypropylene, making the tiles suitable for installation in every area of your home, including wet rooms. Since this floor is suitable for use with castor chairs and underfloor heating systems, it is perfect for your living- and bedroom, as well as your home office, where its antistatic properties will be highly appreciated. The tiles are designed to absorb noise and come with improved impact sound reduction, succeeding in creating a calm and quiet atmosphere. As a plus, Heuga carpet tiles offer a 7-year manufacturer's warranty. There really is no reason not to choose this superb floor!

Heuga Le Bistro is easy to install without any mechanical knowledge

Heuga Le Bistro carpet tiles are loose-laying. That means that you won't need to use adhesives when installing the tiles, because their dead weight makes sure that they will stay in place, making for a very easy and fast installation. The resilient Graphlar® backing and the high demensional stability guarantee a solid hold and the carpet tile's slip-resistant properties increase saftey in your home. Since Heuga Le Bistro carpet tiles are very firm, there won't be any frazzles when cutting your tiles. The stain-resistant properties make sure that your floor will be easy to maintain. If you have a stain that cannot be removed by hoovering, simply take out the tile in question and thoroughly clean or, if need be, replace it.

Buy Heuga online on BRICOFLOR UK

Heuga Le Bistro carpet tiles are very robust and antimicrobial, making them a family-friendly choice to be installed in every room. If you cannot decide which colours you like most, simply order free samples to compare your favourite colour options. We will send them directly to you, so you can see how the colours work in your room.

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