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Heuga Puzzle Pieces/2 carpet tiles are a modern and classy choice

Puzzle Pieces/2 is part of  Heuga's “tonal trends” collection, that was designed by the expert Cenk from Istanbul. The revised colour palette was inspired by nature and the vivid colours imitate wood, stone and fruits. This soft floor brings comfort to your home. Highest-quality materials and excellent workmanship makes these carpet tiles the perfect flooring material for every room.

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Choose from 21 Heuga Puzzle Pieces/2 natural colours

The cut loop piles are made from a very soft and thick yarn, making Heuga Puzzle Pieces/2 an extremely comfortable flooring material. The special structure and premium yarn create a modern heathered style.  The harmonious range of colours is comprised of 21 tones in various natural and bright shades. You can find bright and dark, neutral and colourful, warm and cold shades in this collection. There are many shades of beige and brown, that remind some of sandy beaches and others of coffee or fur, and also different shades of yellow, orange and blue. The perfect choice of red and purple round off this varied collection. You can combine any of the 21 colours to create a very personal room with stripes, chequered patterns or your very own, unique designs. But you are not limited to colours in the Puzzle Piece/2 collection. You can also combine it with other Heuga collections. Since you can draw from an immense range of colours, you can be sure to find a Heuga carpet tile that perfectly matches your interior.

Puzzle Pieces/2 by Heuga: loose laying carpet tiles in highest-quality

Heuga Puzzle Pieces/2 carpet tiles are made from 100% polyamide. This upmarket material makes these carpet tiles very durable and perfect for installation in every area of your home, even in bathrooms. At the same time, the flame-retardant and slip-resistant properties increase the safety in your home. Heuga Puzzle Pieces/2 are the perfect choice for installation in an home office since they can be used with castor chairs and have an impact noise reduction, guaranteeing a quiet atmosphere in your workspace. If installed and maintained properly, Heuga offer a 7-year manufacturer's warranty, making sure that you will get the most of your floor.

Heuga Puzzle Pieces/2 carpet tiles create a new floor in no time

Loose lay carpet tiles, by Heuga Puzzle Pieces/2, have become an essential field of modern flooring: their numerous advantages over conventional carpet have made them a popular flooring choice. Coming in a very handy size (50x50cm), the tiles can be transported easily and you will have a lot less waste when installing your new floor. When it comes to installation, it is a lot easier and faster to install carpet tiles than regular carpet. Unlike normal carpet, carpet tiles do not need adhesives. Their weight in combination with the premium Graphlar® backing ensure that they will stay in place without having to use adhesives. Installed properly, they form a unified floor and you won't even be able to spot the single tiles. Choosing Heuga Puzzle Pieces/2, you will get an exciting floor that is easy to install and can be walked on immediately after installation.

 A sustainable product by Heuga

Less waste, less harmful substances because of the absence of adhesives – loose lay carpet tiles like Puzzle Pieces/2 are an environmentally friendly alternative to common carpet. As a market-leading company, Heuga are dedicated to their “Mission Zero”, which focuses on saving resources and avoiding negative environmental impacts. The declared goal is to be completely sustainable by 2020. This includes production and transportation. This ambitious company policy blossoms and already shows good positive results. Puzzle Pieces/2 was designed and is produced against this background and thus is the perfect choice for environmentally conscious people.

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