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Heuga Really Random: carpet tiles with the mimicry concept

Heuga Really Random carpet tiles were designed with the biological mimicry concept in mind: they were inspired by nature. The collection focuses of warm and earthy colours that remind people of the forest floor. The very natural colours are spiced up by fine and random lines that create more depth. This way, the floor get a natural look that enhances every room. With Heuga carpet tiles, you can easily turn any room into a tranquil oasis. These carpet tiles also are an excellent choice for commercial areas, since they are extremely robust and hard-wearing. Really Random is a close-to-nature collection that is easy to install and turns every room into an eye catcher.

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Choose Heuga Really Random carpet tiles and give every room a natural touch

Heuga Really Random aims to create the forest floor's comfort and tranquillity in your room. Due to the bouclé design and the natural colours drawn straight from nature, this collection succeeds in bringing a a very natural and calm atmosphere to your domestic and commercial areas. The 10 colours available perfectly contrast and at the same time complement one another: One the one hand, you will find pale colours like a “Blossom” and gentle “Sandstone” and on the other hand, there are brown “Autumn Leaves” and even darker “Slate”. This superb collection is completed by two brighter colours, red “Japanese Maple” and green “Foliage”. Whereas choosing just one colour will create a very harmonious look in your room, you can also choose more than one colour and combine them to create individual highlights. The carpet tiles can be installed non-directional, which will eaven the overall look and add even more naturalness.

This Heuga product can withstand even the highest strain

Nature's beauty is temporary: autumn leaves decay and flowers wither. But non of this is going to happen to your Heuga carpet tiles! Really Random carpet tiles perfectly capture nature's beauty and keep their lovely colours for years. Since the tiles are made of 100% polyamide yarn organised in strong loops, your floor will have a very robust surface. Due to the high quality, Heuga Really Random is suitable for installation in domestic as well as frequently used commercial areas. The tiles withstand impact by castor chairs and are also suitable for underfloor heating systems. In addition to that, the flame-retardant properties increase safety in your home or office. The premium yarn used for these tiles creates a very soft surface and is warm to the feet. Just like a forest floor, Heuga Really Random succeeds in absorbing sound to create a quieter atmosphere. This collection represents an upmarket floor that lives up to every standard.

Heuga Really Random loose-lay carpet tiles for easy installation

Carpet rolls are bulky and inconvenient to install – loose-laying carpet tiles will make your life a lot easier in many ways. Not only are carpet tiles a lot easier to transport (their size is 50x50cm), but they also are a lot easier and faster to install. Since Heuga Really Random carpet tiles are fitted with a Graphlex® backing, you do not have to use adhesives. Simply fixing the key tiles is enough to create a robust, unified and smooth surface. The tiles are very firm and there will be no undesirable fraying. This collection has the great advantage that the tiles can be installed in every direction, underlining the collection's naturalness and further simplifying the installation itself. This way, waste is reduced to only 3%, making this product incredibly eco-friendly.

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