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Heuga Soft Senses carpet tiles: pure luxury for your feet

Waking up in the morning, getting out of bed and feeling a soft and warm spring meadow beneath your feet is a fantastic sense of luxury. With Heuga Soft Senses, you can bring this extraordinary feeling to your home. The soft follow-up of Heuga SimplySoft delivers what it's name promises: Soft Senses carpet tiles caress your feet with their matchlessly soft velour surface. This collection is available in 12 natural colours that create the atmosphere of a relaxed beach holiday getaway and can all be combined to create a unique interior. The soft carpet tiles are the perfect choice for your warm and cosy bedroom or living room.

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Pick from 12 natural and modern Heuga Soft Senses colours

The comfortably soft Heuga carpet tiles are made from premium yarn, making them very resilient yet marvellously cosy. Combinig different nuances of one colour in every tile, every single one of the 12 colour options is added a unique look. The slightly heathered style results in a very natural  surface that is less sensitive to staining. The colours are inspired by beachy themes and atmospheres. Whereas the shades of beige and brown perfectly imitate natural sand or driftwood, the romantic colours “Sunset” and “Sunrise” are the perfect choice to add a dash of colour to your room. You can easily combine any colours as you like to create your personal beach atmosphere in your home. No matter which and how many colours you choose, Heuga Soft Senses perfectly succeeds in creating a relaxed an cosy atmosphere in any room!

Heuga Soft Senses: premium carpet tiles

Not only are this collection's carpet tiles extremely soft and warm to the feet, but, due to the high quality claims by Heuga, they also are very resilient and will last for a long time. This way, you will be able to enjoy the soft feeling beneath your feet for longer. The carpet tiles very robust and Heuga offer a 7-year manufacturer's warranty. The non-fading colours are treated to be anti-microbial and have anti-static properties. This makes Heuga Soft Senses the perfect choice for your bedroom and living room. The carpet tiles are also suitable for use with underfloor heating systems, creating an even warmer and cosier atmosphere. But not only your feet profit from this exceptional floor: This floor also is a blessing for your ears, as it absorbs noise and has an excellent impact sound insulation, making for a relaxed and quiet ambience. The carpet tile's slip-resistant properties also ensure increased safety and makes sure the tiles stay where they belong.

Loose-laying carpet tiles for an easy and carefree installation

If, after reading this, you can't wait to have Heuga Soft Senses in your home, there are more good news for you: Transportation of these carpet tiles is very easy and once we delivered them to your door, they are installed in no time! Loose laying carpet tiles come in a very handy size (50x50cm) and bring an end to the inconvenient transportation of carpet rolls. Installation also is done in a blink of an eye: Since Heuga Soft Senses are loose laying carpet tiles, you do not have to use any adhesives, which speeds up the process of installation immensely. The solid Graphlex® backing ensures that every tile stays in place. Since the tiles are installed without using any adhesives, you can easily take them out again at any time. This comes in handy if you are moving and would like to take your beautiful floor with you or if you have a stain that you would like to remove. In the latter case, you can take out the tile in question, thoroughly clean or, if need be, replace it. As you can see, Heuga carpet tiles are very easy to clean and handle.

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