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Heuga Walk Way – the ideal carpet tiles for your home

Some areas in your home need a floor that is able to withstand extensive strain – like the hallway or landing. Heuga Walk Way was developed especially for these areas: the extremely resilient needle punch carpet tiles are very easy to maintain. The perfect flooring material for frequently used areas in your home. Heuga Walk Way is available in classical as well as modern colours, all of which you can combine to create your very unique design. Heuga has been producing carpet tiles for many decades and are continuously working on improving their products and becoming more and more sustainable.

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Loose-laying Heuga Walk Way carpet tiles with a unique ribbed cord structure

Heuga carpet tiles are more than an extremely robust flooring material: they succeed in adding elegance and creating a welcoming atmosphere in every room. The ribbed cord structure makes for a slightly striped look, giving each tile an exciting structure. This way, the 9 available colours get their interesting look. The collection's range of colours covers timeless colours like “Sand” and “Granite” as well as modern styles like “Fire” and “Sky”. All colours work perfectly on their own but you can also combine any of these colours to create your very personal and unique design. Heuga Walk Way allows you to unleash your creativity – chequered patterns, stripes – there are no limits!

Walk Way - A Heuga collection for frequently used areas

Walk Way by Heuga is a superb collection of carpet tiles that withstand even very frequently used areas in your home. They persist strain without fading or warping. Heuga Walk Way was developed for rooms with a lot of traffic. The excellently worked needle felt made of 100% polypropylene is extremely durable and makes for a very soft surface. To increase comfort in your home, Heuga Walk Way is suitable for underfloor heating systems. This way, you feel right at home when you take off your shoes in the hallway. The sound insulation adds the final touch to a welcoming home. Since Heuga Walk Way carpet tiles are slip-resistant, you will feel a lot safer at home. The tiles also are fade-resistant, resulting in a good-looking carpet that will keep its colours for many years. Heuga even offer a 7-year manufacturer's warranty!

Carpet Tiles suitable for a quick and easy installation

Since Heuga Walk Way has a loose-lay installation system, installing your new floor will be very easy and quick. Heuga carpet tiles come in a handy size (50x50cm), which means that they are easy to transport – even on the stairs. Due to the carpet tile's high dimensional stability and the premium Graphlar® backing, you don't have to use adhesives when installing your floor.

Environmentally friendly produced carpet tiles

Heuga represent highest quality and have many years of experience in producing eco-friendly carpet tiles. It is their “Mission Zero” goal to be completely sustainable by 2020. All European factories run on 100% green energy and the production site in Scherpenzeel (NL) even runs exclusively on gas that originates from the fermentation of fish and other waste from the food industry. Since they developed an ultrasonic cutting technology in 2008, Heuga manage to safe 310 tons of waste each year. Heuga are always doing their best to preserve the environment and work on sustainable solutions.

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