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Interface Barricade One

Interface Barricade Carpet Tiles – Preventing Dirt From Entering The Building

Interface Barricade is a revolutionary entrance matting that keeps dirt from entering the building. It comes in two different styles: Barricade One contains three striped designs and Barricade Two is comprised of three plain colours. Interface Barricade is the perfect floor for you, if you are looking for a barrier to keep outside. This premium floor stops more than 90% of the dirt on people’s shoes. Besides reducing maintenance costs, this also results in improved air quality, as it traps fine dust particles that could otherwise be breathed in.

Choose from 6 modern Interface Barricade carpet tile design

Interface Barricade carpet tiles show that effective barrier matting can look good at the same time. You can choose between three colours, each available in a striped or plain design. All three colours are very modern and, due to their heathered style, resistant to staining. “Grey” is the lightest colour and “Anthrazite” and “Brown” are a bit darker.

Interface Barricade – hardwearing carpet tiles for your home or office

Keeping dirt from entering a building, Interface Barricade is the perfect flooring material for any entrance, whether in domestic or commercial buildings. Due to the high-quality materials, these carpet tiles are rated for medium commercial use. By trapping dirt from outside in entrance areas, this floor protects the rest of your flooring and maintenance will become a lot easier and faster. But Interface carpet tiles can do more than that: since it traps even the smallest of dirt particles, it also improves indoor air quality. By choosing Interface Barricade, you will get a very resilient floor that is easy to maintain and prevents dirt from entering a building.

Interface Barricade carpet tiles in unsurpassable quality

The tufted loop tiles are fitted with a premium Graphlex® backing, which ensures highest dimensional stability. This way, each and every single tile will stay in its place to create a uniform and solid surface. To increase comfort in your home or office, Interface Barricade carpet tiles are anti-static. Due to their high fastness to light, this floor will keep its colours, making sure that it will look good for many years. For your peace of mind, Interface Barricade increases safety by being slip-resistant and flame-retardant.

A pioneer in sustainable production

Interface knows the incredible value of our planet’s resources and tries to protect them. In 1994, Interface founder Ray Anderson initiated “Mission Zero”, a mission to become the first completely sustainable company by 2020. Since then, many steps have been taken to reach this goal - to have zero negative impact to stop global warming and preserve nature’s resources. Today, more than 368 colourways are made out of 100% recycled yarn – Barricade is one of them. Because of the handy nature of carpet tiles, there will be only 3-5% installation waste, which is significantly less than with regular carpet rolls. But Interface does not stop at reducing waste. All of their factories in Europe run on 100% renewable energy. Interface carpet tiles are produced in Scherpenzeel (The Netherlands), a factory that runs exclusively on gas from the fermentation of fish and other food waste. By choosing Interface Barricade carpet tiles, you are choosing to help preserve our planet’s resources and contribute to a better future.

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