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Interface Equilibrium: Offers a wide variety of colours and unique designs

The Interface Equilibrium carpet tiles feature innovative manufacturing processes to create extremely durable and resilient products. They utilise these processes to create the latest designs that will continue to look great even after heavy use and time. The loose-laying carpet tiles are designed with concise, irregular patterns. This design is ideal for installation in large areas, as the pattern gives it a cohesive feel across the entire flooring. The Interface Equilibrium carpet tiles come in 30 different colour options, giving you a wide range of design options. Each colourway offers coloured threads chosen to complement and accentuate the exceptional looks and designs of these carpet tiles. The high-low structure of the loop pile is treated with the Tip-Sheared process, which gives the loops a refined touch. The special dying process prevents colour fading, ensuring your Interface carpet tiles continue to look great for years to come.

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Interface Equilibrium

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High-quality and loose-lay Interface Equilibrium carpet tiles

Interface has years of experience and high-quality standards for their carpet tiles. The Equilibrium carpet tiles from Interface are an exemplary product of Interface’s quality and design. The recycled nylon fibres of the Interface Equilibrium meet the highest quality standards. These fibres are extremely robust and are used due to their ability to withstand the stress placed on these carpet tiles both in the residential sector as well as the commercial sector. The exceptional materials give the Interface Equilibrium much of its remarkable durability. The Equilibrium carpet tiles are ideal for use in office spaces and can be used with castor chairs and are designed to be anti-slip, anti-static, fire resistant. The Interface Equilibrium can be used with underfloor heating systems and dampens both  ambient and impact noise up to 26 dB, which helps create a comfortable and peaceful working environment.

Carpet tiles - ideal for easy shipping and installation

Interface carpet tiles are a great alternative to traditional carpets. Broadloom carpets are often complicated to transport and install, yet Interface produces their carpet tiles with these challenges in mind. The 50 x 50 cm tiles are designed to be easy to transport both from factory to build site as well as within the space they are being laid. Carpet tiles are easy to ship due to their small format and boxed packaging, this also makes the tiles easy to unload and move within your home or business. When it comes to installation, the Interface Equilibrium carpet tiles utilise the Interface TacTiles installation system. This system creates a “floating” installation, which keeps the carpet tiles from being bonded directly to the floor with adhesives or glues while maintaining its stability. The edges can easily be cut without fraying. The best quality of Interface Equilibrium carpet tiles is their ability to be relocated at a later date if necessary. These carpet tiles are reusable. The Interface Equilibrium carpet tiles do not be installed by a professional fitter.

Interface Equilibrium Carpet Tiles are a great choice for your health and the environment

Interface has years of experience as one of the leading manufacturers of carpet tiles and offers an innovative look into the future of the flooring industry. Interface creates visually compelling carpet tile designs with robust, durable quality manufacturing. The loop structure of the Interface Equilibrium’s nylon fibres provides these carpet tiles with exceptional durability. Because of their structure and quality, the Interface Equilibrium carpet tiles can be installed in both high traffic residential and commercial spaces. Due to the dyeing process, the carpet fibres of the Interface Equilibrium retain their colouring and resist fading. The Interface Equilibrium is designed to keep your space safe and has been rated as a low flammability carpet tile and includes an integrated slip resistance. In addition to all these qualities, these environmentally responsible tiles dampen both ambient and impact noise, creating a quiet and comfortable environment.

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The Interface Equilibrium carpet tiles are available on the website. These carpet tiles are easy to install and will continue to look great for many years to come. Without question, these carpet tiles are some of the best carpet tiles available. BRICOFLOR UK only offers the highest-quality products in our online store, so you can be sure that the Interface Equilibrium is a great quality product.


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