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Interface Walk The Plank – Hardwearing Carpet Tiles In Wooden Designs

This revolutionary collection by Interface is different from any floor you have seen so far. The resilient carpet tiles come in a new size of 25 x 100 cm (instead of 50 x 50 cm) and the warm and neutral colours of these planks perfectly imitate the elegant look of wooden floors.


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Made from 100% recycled nylon, Interface ‘Walk the Plank’ is an eco-friendly product, which can be installed in domestic as well as commercial settings. This floor combines excellent resilience with modern looks and creates a welcoming atmosphere in every room.

Order Interface Walk The Plank Carpet Tiles With An Innovative Design

‘Walk the Plank’ shares the outstanding endurance and all technical properties of traditional carpet tiles but it differs in size and design. Whereas other carpet tiles come in 50 x 50 cm, Interface ‘Walk the Plank’ comes in 25 x 100 cm, creating a new and exciting look. But innovation does not stop here: this collection’s design is unique – carpet tiles that imitate wooden planks. The planks can either be installed in an ashlar or fishbone style. You can combine all colour options to your liking and create a unique floor.

This Interface Product Is Available In 12 Natural Colours

Interface ‘Walk the Plank’ carpet tiles come in 12 warm and neutral colours, inspired by nature itself and different kinds of wood. There are some dark designs (like "Sycamore""Ironwood" and "Buckeye") as well as lighter ones (e.g. "Beech" and "Ginkgo"). The colour palette covers different nuances of brown (e.g. "Hickory" and "Maple"), beige (e.g. "Poplar" and "Birch") and grey (e.g. "Ash" and "Cyprus"). All designs feature fine lines, which make the surface look like wooden planks. The individual colours match each other and can all be combined to create a unique style.

Interface Walk The Plank – Resilient Carpet Tiles For All Areas

Interface carpet tiles are extremely resilient. They are rated for heavy contract use and withstand the highest strain. Due to the tiles’ Graphlar® backing, they have high dimensional stability which makes for an easy installation and guarantees that each tile will stay in its place. The yarn used for this collection is made of nylon. Nylon is a very hardwearing material that will stand the test of time and keep its colours for many years. Interface ‘Walk the Plank’ is the perfect floor for commercial areas and offices as it is suitable for use with chair casters and features an impact sound reduction of 27 dB, creating a quiet work atmosphere. Since ‘walk the Plank’ carpet tiles are suitable for installation with underfloor heating, they are ideal for any home. To increase safety in your home or office, these premium carpet tiles are flame-retardant and slip-resistant.

Installation Made Easy With Interface Walk The Plank

When installing Interface ‘Walk the Plank’ carpet tiles, you won’t have to use liquid adhesives. The tiles do not have to be glued to the floor, as their weight and the Graphlar® backing will keep everything in place. This way, you can easily rearrange the individual tiles to create a new look or take out a tile to thoroughly clean or replace it. If you need to cut a tile, simply use a carpet knife. Quick and easy installation that can be done by everyone – that is just one advantage of Interface ‘Walk the Plank’ carpet tiles.

A Pioneer In Sustainable Development

For many years, Interface has been working on ways to save the environment. Their aim is to be completely sustainable by 2020. To achieve this goal, Interface uses much-recycled material for their carpet tiles (‘Walk the Plank’ is made from 100% recycled nylon) and reduced production waste. All European factories already run on 100% green energy and their factory in Scherpenzeel, NL (where ‘Walk the Plank’ is being produced) runs on gas from the fermentation of fish and other food waste. Interface is a true pioneer and a role model for many other companies. ‘Walk the Plank’ carpet tiles are the perfect floor for everyone with an eco-conscious mind.

Interface Walk The Plank at BRICOFLOR

At BRICOFLOR, you can find the complete ‘Walk the Plank’ collection by Interface. Browse through the great choice of colours and order your free sample today. If you have any questions, feel free to get in contact. Our competent team is happy to help you!

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