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Interface Palette 2000

Interface Palette 2000 carpet tiles are available in 50 colour options

Interface Palette 2000 carpet tiles are well known for their exceptional performance. The Palette 2000 carpet tiles are visually captivating and extremely versatile. The high-quality appearance of this carpet tile stems from the special, fusion-bonded polyamide velour surface structure. Most notable about the appearance of the Interface Palette 2000 carpet tiles is the wide range of colour options available. With 50 colour options available, you are sure to find the perfect carpet tiles for your space. The colours of this collection range from neutrals to bright, cheerful colours. By choosing one colour, these carpet tiles mimic the smooth appearance of a broadloom carpet. By combining colour tiles, you open your space up to functional designs such as zoning. Tile can also be combined to create interesting and unique patterns and designs.

Resilient and economical Interface Palette 2000 carpet tiles

Interface Palette 2000 carpet tiles are the ideal flooring surface for almost any space. Not only are these Interface carpet tiles visually appealing, they are incredibly versatile and resilient. The robust 100% fusion-bonded polyamide fibres provide a smooth and durable surface structure. The dense formation of these fibres also brings added stability and resilience to the carpet tile. The Palette 2000 collection from Interface is rated for heavy commercial use, making it ideal for high traffic areas. The backing of these carpet tiles is produced using recycled PVC backing, providing these tiles with stability and shape. Included in the design of these carpet tiles are additional safety features, such as fire resistance and anti-slipping design. Qualities that make these carpet tiles ideal for office spaces include: suitability for use of castor chairs, anti-static design, and sound dampening qualities. These qualities bring functionality and comfort to your office space. Interface Palette 2000 carpet tiles can be installed over underfloor heating systems. With a luxury rating of 3, you can be sure that these carpet tiles will bring a comfortable environment to your home or business.

Easy to install and transport Interface Palette 2000

Carpet tiles are a great choice when choosing a flooring option, not only for their exceptional quality but also for their ease of transport and installation. The convenient size of 50x50 cm makes transporting these carpet tiles extremely simple. The carpet tiles are packed in boxes and can be stacked on a pallet, making them easy and affordable to ship. Even once they’ve reach your home or business, they are easy to unload, transport, and install even in small spaces. The Interface Palette 2000 is extremely easy to install and requires no glues. The edge of these carpet tiles resist fraying, which helps these tiles to retain their quality appearance and structural integrity. The Interface Palette 2000 carpet tiles utilise the TacTile floating installation method, which creates a floating matrix on which the carpet tiles are installed. This matrix gives the tiles additional stability and keeps them from sitting directly on the underfloor surface. This prevents the need for harmful glues and adhesives and prevents the formation of unsightly residues. Loose-lay carpet tiles offer many benefits, easy installation, relocation, and replacement are just some of the many reasons why carpet tiles are a great investment.

Palette 2000 - Sustainable production by Interface

Sustainable and eco-conscious production is increasingly an important aspect of the manufacturing process of Interface carpet tiles. Interface has a long term goal to be completely sustainable by 2020. Loose-lay carpet tiles are inherently more environmentally friendly than broadloom carpeting, as they produce less waste upon installation. Additionally, companies like Interface ensure to use recycled materials and responsible production methods to create an even better product. Interface takes this a step further by using green transportation when possible. Not only is the Interface Palette 2000 a high-quality and stylish product, it is also an economical and environmentally friendly choice.

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BRICOFLOR has had over 40 years of experience in the flooring industry, allowing us to provide you with the highest-quality products available. The Interface Palette 2000 carpet tiles are a high-end flooring that will also go easy on your budget. If you are looking to find a practical and luxurious flooring, look no further than the Interface Palette 2000 carpet tiles collection on BRICOFLOR UK.

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