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Interface Polichrome – From The World’s Top Designer and Manufacturer of Carpet Tiles

Interface prides itself with being one of the world’s top manufacturers and designers of carpet tiles. Founded in 1973, the company produces carpet tiles with great attention to detail, aiming to constantly bring you products that are in line with the latest trends in interior design.

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Interface Polichrome

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At the same time, Interface places great emphasis on sustainability. With their clear focus and outstanding products, it is not surprising that Interface have managed to win numerous design and sustainability awards all over the world. With such great history and tradition in manufacturing carpet tiles, you can trust Interface to bring you products of the utmost quality that will fit the any of the design requirements.

52 Gorgeous Interface Polichrome Styles With Unlimited Design Possibilities

The Polichrome line offers an outstanding range of colours, leaving room for plenty of opportunity to transform your space - this variety is hard to beat. The 48 different styles of mottled colours, complemented by the four striped designs, make the choice extremely difficult. When used individually, the colours manage to create a perfectly coordinated interaction of yarns in slightly different tones of the same colour. This tone variation constructs the attractive veining that gives these colours their particular depth. This extensive selection of classic and discreet colours includes a range of greys, browns and warm spice tones, such as Interface Polichrome "Garam Masala", Interface Polichrome "Turmeric" or Interface Polichrome "Ginger". What is more, the Polichrome collection of carpet tiles also features different red and berry tones like "Coral" or "Soft Magenta". At the same time, the noble and luxurious Interface Polichrome "Lilac" manages the transition between these red, warm tones and the eleven different blue and turquoise shades. In terms of green, the refined and mystical Interface Polichrome "Green Lake" displays a combination of blue and green fibres that lead to a natural, meadow- and leaf-like green. Four classic colours with a unique striped pattern complete the Polichrome collection, allowing you to go for a more conservative and serious look.  As with other Interface collections of carpet tiles, you can easily mix and match the carpet tiles in the Polichrome line, and that is where the real polychrome of the collection can be observed. You have so much choice at your disposal, from a fully monochromatic surface, to creative combinations of various colours in the from of harmonious transitions or accented contrasts. You can even delineate different spaces without walls by simply playing around with these Interface carpet tiles. 

Impressive Designs, Outstanding Technical Quality

The extensive colour range of this brilliant collection is impressive enough, but are the Polichrome self-laying carpet tiles equally versatile as they are visually diverse? You will be happy to know that the carpet tiles in the Interface Polichrome collection have yarns made of 100% nylon, which makes the tiles extremely robust. In fact, the Polichrome carpet tiles come with a European classification of 33, meaning they are suitable even for a commercial space with high traffic. Therefore, the Polichrome carpet tiles will perform exemplary even in offices or workrooms where numerous office chairs with castors exist. Other notable characteristics of the Polichrome carpet tiles comprise their antistatic properties, their DS slip resistance that guarantees a non-slippery surface in normal conditions of temperature and humidity, and the carpet tiles’ compatibility with underfloor heating under 28°C. Furthermore, a fire protection class of Bfl-S1 means the carpet tiles are safe during fires and will not cause flashovers or fire growth. These Interface Polichrome carpet tiles are also brilliant when it comes to comfort. The fluffy, soft, and luxurious velour surface comes with a luxury rating of four stars out of five, which certifies the tiles’ excellent comfort. The dense material will also minimise noise, so the carpet tiles’ sound insulation and room sound absorption can transform your space into a haven of peace and quiet.

Colourise Your Room In An Instant Due To A Quick and Easy Installation Of Interface Polichrome

The versatile Interface Polichrome collection is not just beautifully designed, but also much easier to handle than conventional carpeting. A great advantage in this case is the carpet tiles’ practical format: the square shaped tiles of 50x50 cm fit through every stairwell and do not require physical fitness for transport through narrow passages. Installing the Polichrome carpet tiles is similarly easy. You can adjust them more accurately to the room dimensions, which results in less waste. Moreover, cutting the tiles will not cause any fringed edges due to the tiles’ sturdy build. The laying almost takes place by itself: without adhesives, the individual carpet tiles stay in place thanks to their own weight, and are stabilized further by the robust Graphlar® back. Using Graphlex backing also helps to hold the composite together securely and keep it lying flat on the ground. Consequently, should you have to remove the carpet tiles, you do not need to worry about any residue left behind. Additionally, cleaning individual tiles is also possible given the tiles’ practical format. This way, the Interface Polichrome carpet tiles are a reliable, environmentally friendly, and easy maintenance carpeting solution.

Sustainable Products From Interface

The Interface Polichrome collection of carpet tiles is already making an important contribution to the company's philosophy and concept, which relies entirely on the principle of sustainability. Interface’s carpet tiles are produced under environmentally friendly conditions: the use of green energy, waste and chemicals prevention, and the reduction of CO2 emissions are part of Interface’s standard program. Moreover, Interface has set itself the goal of becoming a fully sustainable company and eliminating all negative impacts on the environment by 2020, as part of the "Mission Zero" scheme. Produced within the “Mission Zero” project, the Interface Polichrome carpet tiles promote the manufacturer’s eco-friendly message: the absence of liquid adhesives and lower waste make the Polichrome collection an environmentally friendly alternative to other carpeting products. This way you can enjoy the nature to the fullest for a longer time, be it inside or outside of your four walls.

Flexible And olourful: Interface Polichrome Carpet Tiles On Bricoflor UK

With their huge selection of 52 trendy colours and their high-quality and resilience, the Interface Polichrome carpet tiles qualify for a wide range of applications. Whether at home, at work or for business, this collection offers everything your heart desires, from appearance to comfort and impressive robustness. Let your imagination run wild and get inspired by the Interface Polichrome collection on BRICOFLOR UK. If you’d like to speak with one of our experts regarding this carpet, do not hesitate to get in contact.