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Milliken Carpet Tiles are made with high quality materials. Nowadays carpet tiles are one of the most popular flooring solutions out there, as they enable you to remodel rooms individually and fairly easy. Due to a sturdy and heavy build, modern tiles do not have to be glued and instead can be easily and quickly laid end to end on the floor. One of the leading brands in carpet tiles manufacturing is Milliken.

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Milliken Carpet Tiles - An extensive offer for all needs

Nowadays carpet tiles are one of the most popular flooring solutions out there, as they enable you to remodel rooms individually and fairly easy. Due to a sturdy and heavy build, modern tiles do not have to be glued and instead can be easily and quickly laid end to end on the floor. One of the leading brands in carpet tile manufacturing is Milliken. At this very moment, the BRICOFLOR UK online shop features four different Milliken carpet tiles collections, but we can provide you with any other products and collections if you write us a request. Milliken carpet tiles distinguish themselves with great durability, robustness, captivating designs and sustainable production methods. Milliken carpet tiles come with a 12-year warranty from the manufacturer for normal wear and tear and an amazing lifetime warranty for their antistatic properties. With a looped surface and many attractive colors, these Milliken carpet tiles can be laid both broadlooms as well as in a checkerboard pattern. Give each space its individual touch with Milliken carpet tiles at the lowest prices from BRICOFLOR UK.

Carpet tile collections by Milliken that match every taste   

Renowned for its high quality as well as its large variety of products Milliken has been producing award-winning carpet tiles for more than two decades. Their wide assortment touches upon any desire you may have for a new look and feel in your home, office or even larger public places. The American company has been steadily innovating and improving their carpet tiles not only for the needs of the customer but also limiting and minimizing their environmental impact. Milliken's portfolio consists of more than 20 collections tailor to all markets in search of a comfortable and affordable solution. Each of these is comprised of sub-collections and overall it ranges to more than 50 assortments.

Improved quality with Milliken carpet tiles

With the help of high-performance floor covering solutions, such as comfort plus backing, the acoustics improve by absorbing 50% of the noise. In addition, durability and appearance retention is ensured by using up to 100% recycled nylon. Comfort Plus backing supports the underfoot, reducing leg muscle fatigue by up to 24%. This can lead to a completely new productivity level in the field of retail or hospitality, wherein employees are standing most of the day, by relieving pain and exhaustion.

Simple installation for anyone

The carpet tiles are delivered in 50cm x 50cm and can be easily layered above any hard surfaces, providing better sound isolation , improved air quality, soothing surfaces and generally more comfort. Due to Milliken's design concept Omni, you can choose freely how you want to lay the individual pieces next to each other. This allows them to be installed completely randomly on the floor without any direction. The advantage is that anyone can lay out Omni carpets in a simple time and cost-saving manner. Another benefit is the improved air quality through the elimination of VOCs. Due to the heavy weight of the tiles, there is no risk of them slipping or moving around.

Milliken carpet tiles - Sustainability for more than 100 years to 1900 and only a decade later Milliken already opened their first plant using

The first recycling policy of the company dates back to  renewable energy. Since then they worked continuously towards their goal to minimize environmental impacts . Moreover, the firm emphasizes transparency and full accountability to all stakeholders and communities who can read further details in their annual sustainability reports.

Green products are Milliken's way to give back

The products design reduces its environmental impact by using Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) technologies which purpose is to minimize waste in usage but at the same time maximize their useful life . In order to achieve this Milliken offers a market-leading choice of over 500 design and color options using Econyl 100% regenerated nylon , consisting of 50% post-industrial and 50% post-consumer recycled content.

Buy Milliken carpet tiles online on BRICOFLOR U K

Here at the BRICOFLOR UK online store, you will find the largest assortment of Milliken carpet tiles. There are over 50 collections with almost  1000 different color combinations available to please any desired look at home, in the office or even for industrial use. The company's top quality is reassured through years of experience reflected in their carpet tiles. They distinguish themselves through robustness, durability, amazing designs as well as a very strong commitment to sustainable manufacturing and environmental transparency. BRICOFLOR UK promises you the lowest price on the web for shopping with us! Do not hesitate to contact us with any questions you might have concerning Milliken carpet tiles, such as placing a customized order. If you are not 100% sure that this is the right fit for you, do not worry! Here at BRICOFLOR UK, you have the opportunity to order samples of your desired carpet tiles online directly from our website to see and verify the product's quality for yourself.