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Modulyss – Carpet Tiles of Premium Quality for Superior Perfomance

You can easily install these carpet tiles to fill interiors of all shapes and sizes. Combinations of carpet tiles in different colours and sizes makes unique flooring designs and patterns possible! Define your office spaces and create an enticing interior! 

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Innovative Designs by Modulyss – A Trendsetter in the Modern Development of Carpet Tiles

The standard modular carpet tiles are 50 x 50 cm, which reinforces the reason why modular carpet tiles are the preferred choice amongst designers and architects, as this standard dimension allows design flexibility. As a great market player for modular carpeting, Modulyss manufacture carpet tiles predominantly for the contract market. The Belgian company is renowned for the high quality and elegant designs of their products and therefore their mission is based on sustainability and quality. The brand has come up with an ingenious production process that allows them to deliver optimal quality carpet tiles in a very short time with impressive flexibility. This is an exceptional feature, considering the large projects that have been requested from this firm.

The Corporate Social Responsibility of Modulyss Carpet Tiles Production

To demonstrate their commitment to preserving the environment, an entire collection of ecological carpet tiles, consisting of a 100% recycled material has been created. They even reuse their cutting waste in the production of the backing of their tiles in a project called back2back. For the eco-tiles, the company uses renewable manufacturing processes utilising solar power and other methods. Modulyss truly sets the bar in the industry with its extensive CSR programme with the mission to become as sustainable as possible. They want to operate in harmony with the environment without causing any negative impact in the process.

The Advantages of Modulyss Carpet Tiles – Loose-Lay Carpet Tiles

When it comes to commercial applications, there is no flooring that is more practical and efficient than carpet tiles. Since Modulyss focuses on the contract market, it is logical that their entire product range consists of this modular type of flooring. Loose-lay carpet tiles have considerable advantages over other floor covering options. One big benefit is the user-friendliness in terms of installation and maintenance. Carpet tiles reduce the noise of footsteps, which can greatly enhance office productivity. In addition, they capture dust particles that eventually leads to improving the indoor air quality. Compared to alternative methods of floor covering, the tiles are easy to store as well as transport and need fewer offcuts than carpet rolls. Moreover, the fact that they are loose-lay means, there is no need for a permanent glue that ineffectively might damage the underfloor in the years to follow.

Maintenance Made Easy with Modulyss Carpet Tiles

Modulyss products are known for their immense resilience (wear class 33) and optimal colour and appearance retention. These characteristics contribute to a long lifespan and naturally simplify the cleaning of the carpet tiles, which in turn leads to lower maintenance costs.

Modulyss dBack – How To Trump Sound

The company invented dBack to tackle the all-encompassing problem officers face on a daily basis: noise. Much of that bothering sound comes from people walking back and forth. With strong incentive to lessen the noise created by floor coverings, dBack is even better at absorbing the sound than the traditional back2back bitumen backing due to its recycled Polyester felt that adds an extra layer of sound insulation properties. In a sound test conducted my Modulyss, it was discovered that dBack has an improved sound absorption of 50% in comparison to back2back. Similarly, the impact noise reduction has been boosted by 15%.

Modulyss - Providing Carpet Tiles for Large Projects Across the Globe

Modulyss designs and manufactures customised carpet squares for large organisations or public areas worldwide. These include schools, universities, banks, offices and other public buildings. Generally, the firm targets architects and designers who strive for a high quality and trend-defining floors. The manufacturer aim to provide the customer with the necessary elegance and comfort through beautiful colour combinations as well as carpet structures and patterns that ultimately reflect and express the personality of the company culture. Modulyss has already supplied international airports with thousands of square metres, but also companies like Vodafone and Samsung. They are professionals in their field of business and target the commercial sector with their products, determined to achieve perfection in what they do. 

Modulyss Carpet Tiles Available at BRICOFLOR

Here at BRICOFLOR, we are genuinely enthusiastic about the quality and variety Modulyss has on offer. Therefore, we offer you the lowest prices possible on these high-quality carpet tiles. We offer a free-sample service to allow you to assess the quality of these designs yourself. Additionally, if you’re ordering a large quantity, we can often make you a personal quote. Feel free to contact us with any questions you may have. Our friendly customer service are waiting and ready to navigate you through the ordering process.