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First Absolute – Office Carpet Tiles Designed to Endure Intensive Use

The First Absolute collection by Modulyss is an impressive range of carpet tiles.  With striking designs and high durability, this range is destined for areas where footfall traffic is frequent and concentrated. With a high wear class rating of 33, this range makes for an excellent office carpet tile, and it is suited for other purposes like hotel lobbys, department stores and foyers.

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Modulyss First Absolute

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Create an Inspiring Depth to Your Rooms with the First Absolute Designs

The carpet tiles of First Absolute consist of a structured loop pile with a range of shades that create an appealing and professional aesthetic for any space. Ranging from slight variations of navy blue, to multiple shades of grey carpet tiles, this collection by Modulyss harmoniously blends together when combined, and suits every interior space with its subtle colour scheme. The square carpet tiles with 50 x 50 cm dimensions, can be combined to create dynamic flooring designs for every space to fashion a modern and sophisticated interior.

Modulyss First Absolute – Meeting All Commercial Requirements

The Modulyss carpet tiles  from the First Absolute collection impress with technical properties that make this range such a high-quality flooring solution. First to mention, is the dimensional stability of these carpet tiles, along with an impressive total weight of 4500 g/m². These two features allow the carpet tiles to be installed sturdily and reliably without any lifting at the edges. A great feature that is beneficial for office environments includes it antistatic properties which make the carpet tiles suitable to be used with electric equipment safely. Additional safety features that are imperative include it’s classification Bfl-s1 fire protection rating which ensures that in the case of a fire, production of smoke is slow and non-toxic. Another great asset of these commercial carpet tiles by Modulyss include it’s impressive sound absorption qualities and noise impact reduction, making it an excellent partner for your office, promoting a sound and quiet environment.

Featuring the Innovate back2back Secondary Backing – Sustainability Practices by Modulyss

The Modulyss carpet tiles feature a special backing which they dubbed the “dBack” which essentially acts as a sound absorbing layer made from polyester felt, enhanced with thermoplastic elastomers. This helps to give the backing a certain level of durable flexibility. Second to the dBack, the carpet tiles have a secondary backing, the innovative back2back. Which is made of the waste from the tile cutting process, to optimise the use of any waste produced in the manufacturing process and promote recycling. Whats more, Modulyss pride themselves on their ‘green electricity’ to promote renewable energy manufacturing processes.  

Loose Lay Carpet Tiles by Modulyss – First Absolute

The great benefit of these loose lay carpet tiles by Modulyss is the convenience factor. Loosely laid carpet tiles allow for a fast and easy installation. First, you must ensure that the subfloor is correctly and thoroughly prepared. This involves removing any dust and grease and making sure the surface is completely flat and even. Next, you can begin laying the carpet, starting from the centre of the room and laying each individual tile, working outwards. The end result, thanks to the high dimensional stability, is a seamless looking floor.

Modulyss First Absolute – Order Now from BRICOFLOR

The First Absolute collection is the ideal flooring solution for those areas that experience high demands from everyday use. If you’ve been convinced, then place an order with us today! If you are looking to buy a large amount of carpet tiles for a big project, then get in touch with our customer service team and you may be able to request a customised offer. Get your Modulyss carpet tiles at a great price! If you have any questions, then contact our friendly customer service who can assist you with your queries. We look forward to hearing from you!