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Modulyss In-Groove: Carpet Tiles For Halls, Corridors and More

In-Groove from Belgian manufacturers Modulyss comes with an impressive 33 commercial classification, making it ideal for offices, schools and heavily trodden areas such as entrance halls and corridors. The carpet tiles are woven with highly durable 100% polyamide yarn which offers outstanding longevity, optimal lightfastness and easy maintenance. You can choose from 7 modern designs.

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Modulyss In-Groove

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In-Groove: ideal office carpet tiles offering durability and clean air

This loop carpet tile is made from 100% Polyamide 6 Aqualon, a durable synthetic fibre suitable for residential and light contract spaces. Nylon 6 fibres are tough, possessing high tensile strength, as well as elasticity and lustre. They are wrinkle proof and highly resistant to abrasion and chemicals such as acids and alkalis. Modulyss developed this collection as a way to reduce the concentration of fine dust in the air. Thanks to the thickness and the grid structure of the yarn, dust is captured and retained better. As such, with regular vacuuming the air is purified and clean – perfect for allergy sufferers. This collection adds a touch of sophistication, too, with its luxury class 2.

Heavy duty carpet tiles with easy installation and reliable quality for busy spaces

You needn’t worry about the solidity of a glue-free installation: the carpet tiles of the In-Groove collection are reinforced with a modified bitumen ‘Back2Back’ secondary backing which adds dimensional stability and ensures the tiles will lay flat. This backing contains a thermoplastic elastomer reinforced with a layer of glass fibre fleece for added strength as well as enhanced comfort underfoot. The beauty of this loose lay method is that you can easily remove individual tiles for cleaning or replacing without causing any damage to your subfloor or to the remaining tile structure. All Modulyss carpet tiles are designed to withstand constant movement from castor wheel office chairs and are treated to be anti-static. Additionally, the carpet tiles have been tested to the highest fire safety standards and achieve a Bfl -s1 rating, giving you peace of mind. This collection will additionally reduce contact noise by 22 decibels, producing a pleasant atmosphere for workers.

Modulyss: Trailblazers in the production of eco-friendly carpet tiles

With 50% overall recycled content, you can be assured of a sustainable flooring that will not adversely impact the environment. Modulyss is proud of its environmentally friendly practices; the company operates an integrated production site in Belgium where 100% of electricity consumed is “green electricity”. The company are even pioneers in the production of sustainable carpet tiles, having developed the “Response to Used Carpet Tiles” (CARE”) programme in 2009 whereby polyamide carpet tiles are recycled into regenerated raw materials and secondary fuel. All Modulyss carpet tile collections are odour-free under the ‘GUT’ criteria and meet the low emissions standards of the Building Research Establishment.  

Choose carpet squares for a wide selection of design options

Designs range from the cool beige 181 to the midnight blue 575, all manufactured with a mix of lighter tones to add contrast and depth. Modulyss recommends this collection for so-called clean-off zones at the entrance to a space. This collection’s strong lightfast qualities and colour resistance to water ensure that the carpet tiles will retain their stylish look for many years. The beauty of the 50cm x 50cm dimensions is that these tiles are easy to mix and match with other ranges, allowing you to create isolated patterned areas, for example. You can also get creative with the designs, placing the tiles at quarter turns or brick-style for a contemporary look. Of course, you can also position them in a traditional monolith style for a sophisticated and seamless appearance.

Keeping your carpet tiles in top condition

Carpet tiles are inherently low-maintenance, only requiring regular vacuuming to help them retain their dust-capturing ability. Daily maintenance with a brush vacuum cleaner will remove up to 80% of dirt, but specialised maintenance should be carried out several times a year depending on the amount of use and any soiling. Additionally, Modulyss recommends wiping up individual spills with a pH neutral product as soon as they occur, thereby preventing any marks or stains. All Modulyss products come with a 15-year guarantee for added confidence.

Contact BRICOFLOR for tailored service

At BRICOFLOR, we work with some of the finest flooring manufacturers in Europe, which means that we can offer the best prices. Carpet tiles from Modulyss, backed by more than 25 years of expertise, deliver on style, durability and sustainability. If you would like to view the designs and quality up close, you can select up to four samples to be delivered to your door. If you are looking to place a large order, we will gladly send you a personalised quote. For any queries relating to the In-Groove collection or any others, feel free to contact our professional support staff, who will be happy to help.