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Modulyss On-line 2: Strength and Style from leading manufacturer

This loop-pile carpet tile collection is particularly suitable for heavy, intensive use. The collection is designed to be matched with the On-line 1 collection to create individual isolated areas, direction markers or trendy chequerboard patterns in pairs of colours. With a strong specification of technical features that make it reliable for even the busiest of commercial settings, you can focus on the more important things in life!

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Modulyss On-line 02

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Carpet tiles designed with your needs in mind

The On-line 2 collection is made of PA6.6 Antron durable fibres, a high-performance carpet tile material that is popular since it helps carpet look better for longer. This means you can enjoy a long-lasting product that will easily stand the test of time. Available in a selection of 12 subtle tones arranged as a dark base colour sprinkled with a lighter stripe pattern, you will surely find the ideal coloured carpet tiles for your space. The beauty of these 50cm x 50cm carpet squares is that you can create a variety of designs with them. Why not pair a lighter shade with either the blue or black carpet tiles to produce a chequerboard effect? Alternatively you can position them half brick style for a unique look. Of course, they add a particularly striking aesthetic to any room when placed in a standard monolith pattern. Wherever you place them, you can be assured of the light fast quality of this carpet tile, which has been tested to international standard ISO 105-B02.

High-performing fibres crafted into heavy duty carpet tiles

Like other collections from this experienced Belgian manufacturer, the On-line 2 range is packed with technical features that make for a highly durable and long-lasting floor. The fibres of this carpet tile are looped to an extremely compact height of 2.6mm, which will prevent any crushing or misshaping and will provide a very solid basis. Further dimensional stability is provided by the brand’s unique ‘back2back’ secondary backing formed of modified bitumen and enhanced with a layer of glass fibre fleece for added comfort underfoot. As an added benefit, this backing contains 10% recycled content as part of Modulyss’ ‘CARE’ programme, which is designed to encourage recycling of old carpet tiles to be regenerated in new products. The On-Line 2 collection features all the characteristics you would expect from a resilient carpet tile with a high commercial classification of 33. It will cope with castor chairs in continuous use, combats static and has been tested to the highest fire safety standards, achieving Bfl-s1. A particularly appealing aspect of this collection is that it is strongly sound absorbent, reducing contact noise by 23 decibels and producing a relaxing and productive environment for users.

Modulyss produces carpet squares with a conscience

Modulyss proves that you can behave with respect to the environment and still be successful carpet tile manufacturers. In addition to the backing, Modulyss prioritises low environmental impact when crafting its products. The electricity consumed at its production site is entirely “green electricity” generated from renewable resources, e.g. solar panels. This product meets the ‘GUT’ criteria, which include VOC thresholds, odour and chemical substances. It additionally contributes to ‘LEED’ credits for producing good indoor air quality, among several other eco-certificates. With no glue needed and the low level of waste produced, carpet tiles are an environmentally-friendly option for all.

Installing and maintaining your carpet tiles

One of the most important advantages of Modulyss carpet tiles is the ease and flexibility with which they can be installed or replaced. When installing, pay attention to the arrow on the rear of the carpet tile indicating the pile direction, and ensure your subfloor is dry clean, greaseproof and even, with no residue of previous flooring. Modulyss recommends starting from the door and working towards the middle of the room, before using the midpoint as the point of departure for the remaining tiles. A Stanley knife may be used to cut any small edges, starting from the backing. Another advantage of these carpet tiles is their low maintenance requirements. In any heavy use area, you should use a brush vacuum daily, which will remove up to 80% of dirt. Spills should be wiped up with a pH neutral product immediately after occurring to prevent any staining. Individual tiles can be easily removed and replaced again for this purpose.

BRICOFLOR puts you first

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