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Modulyss Shine-up – A Striking Design from innovative company

Add a touch of glamour to any interior with the Shine-up collection from leading carpet tile manufacturers Modulyss. The glossy stripe combined with a base of matte yarn creates a refined look. Shine-up is a loop pile carpet tile with extremely durable properties. It is available in 6 colours and works well when combined with the carpet tiles of the Line-up collection.

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Modulyss Shine-up

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Find a colour combination for your space with Shine-up from Modulyss

The special patterns of this collection of carpet tiles are produced using solution dyeing and space dyeing methods. The solution dyed base is an extremely popular fibre for its superior durability and appearance retention. Because the pigment is melted into the fibre as it is being made, this material is more bleach-resistant and resistant to fading, ensuring its beautiful colour will be retained over the years. Space dyeing involves different colours being added across the length of the yarn to create abstract colour patterns that repeat after fixed intervals. When used on this tufted loop material, the result is a unique effect of random designs, and the coordinated tones provide a subtle yet sophisticated look. You can choose Shine-up 562, for example, which combines an attractive mix of greeny-blue, smoky grey, silvery grey and a light grey strip. The thick stripe lends itself well to being placed in different patterns, so you can play around with a quarter-turn chequerboard look or place the tiles in a brick style. The design opportunities are truly endless with Modulyss!

Carpet tiles designed to perform under pressure

If you are looking for an elegant floor product that will withstand the wear and tear of everyday life, Shine-up may be the one for you. Every layer of this carpet tile comes together to produce a reliable floor that has proven itself in settings including offices, airports and hotels. Starting from the polyamide pile, which has been crafted into a sturdy loop construction just 2.8mm thick. This dense pile will remain unaffected even when placed in spaces with extremely heavy foot traffic. Indeed, its solid structure, partly helped by a modified bitumen ‘back2back’ secondary backing, ensures it will withstand movement from office chairs in constant use. Moreover, this collection meets the highest fire resistance standard of Bfl-s1, giving you confidence and peace of mind. It also has permanent anti-static properties and will retain its colour even when subject to the occasional water spillage. The top of this carpet tile also boasts sound absorbing properties and will reduce impact noise by 24 decibels, so you can enjoy a peaceful environment.

Easy installation and maintenance with Modulyss Shine-up

The advantage of these square 50cm x 50cm carpet tiles is that they may be cut down to size, making them ideal for any awkward floor shapes. Thanks to their compact dimensions, they will not produce as much cutting waste as a traditional broadloom. Since they are loose lay, no glue is needed and this makes it equally easy to remove single tiles for spot cleaning. This is particularly convenient for offices with frequently changing layouts. Prior to installing, you should ensure your subfloor is free of any previous flooring, and that it is dry, clean and even. The arrow on the reverse of the tiles indicates their pile direction, allowing you to create the design of your choice. And to keep your floor in top condition, it should be cleaned with a brush vacuum cleaner daily if placed in a heavy use area. Modulyss also recommends carrying out a deep clean once or twice a year, depending on the level of soiling.

Carpet squares with proven eco-friendly characteristics

When choosing a carpet tile from Modulyss, you can be assured of the environmentally friendly nature of its production. All products are certified by BRE global, responsible for the internationally renowned BREEAM assessment of the environmental performance of buildings. Additionally, Modulyss adds 10% recycled product to its backing, produced from previously recycled carpet tiles. The Shine-up collection contributes to 7 of the 13 targets promoted by the internationally recognised HQE certification, which promotes sustainability in building projects. These include acoustic comfort, no unpleasant smells and sanitary air quality, producing a pleasant atmosphere in any space.

BRICOFLOR goes the extra mile

When choosing a floor product for your home, it can be difficult deciding on the right qualities and colour for your space. On the BRICOFLOR website, you can order up to four samples of any product to be delivered straight to you. If you are still not sure, feel free to contact our friendly customer service advisors who will be happy to offer advice based on your needs. Should you require a large quantity, you can request a personalised quote. Because we work with some of the biggest manufacturers across Europe, you are guaranteed to find the best prices on our website.