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Schatex City

Schatex City: Modern Carpet Tiles For Your Home And Office

Relax and kick your feet up on the couch, because with carpet tiles, you don´t need to worry about wear and tear in your carpet, or even allergies! Durable and extra comfortable, Schatex City is the best collection of loop pile carpet tiles! Be it for your hallways or basement, these carpet tiles provide unmatched endurance. Since they are highly versatile, they also work great in any commercial space, such as hotel rooms or small offices. Schatex high-quality textiles give your entire home or office an inviting, relaxed atmosphere. Carpet rolls are a thing of the past. Forget about hiring a carpet fitter, with carpet tiles, you can do the installation yourself. Save yourself time and money by choosing a product that´s got YOU in mind.

Create Unique Floor Designs

The carpet tiles in the collection are available in seven different colors. Choose from the classic shades like Grey or Anthracite, or warmer shades such as Light Beige or Red in your hallways. For a different look, we recommend our colours Blue and Black, which fit in beautifully in an office or commercial space.

Having trouble choosing a colour? Because the tiles use the loose laying method, the colours can be combined, mixed and matched any way you like! Highlight certain areas of your space or create unique patterns, the choice is yours! All of the products are available in a 50 x 50 cm size, and they are created with a heavy, sturdy backing, which ensures that it lays firmly on the ground. Design your rooms the way YOU want!

Easy Installation For Everyone

Schatex carpet tiles come with a great advantage, and that is that they are loose lay tiles. This means that the tiles don´t need adhesives because they are laid close together. This type of installation doesn´t affect the stability of your flooring, and the tiles can be easily replaced if damaged or stained.

When you receive your tiles, take them out of the box so they can air out and acclimatize to their new environment. Meanwhile, you can prepare the floor for installation. Prepare the surface by ensuring that it´s dry, leveled and contains no traces of glue or dust. The next step is to find out the center of the room, since not all walls are at an exact 90 ° angle. This method works to ensure that your flooring doesn´t have any irregular blank spaces. To ensure a seamless transition between the tiles, lay them edge-to-edge. For an extra sturdy installation, you can place double-sided tape along the walls of your room and in areas of high traffic, such as doorways or hallways.

Ideal For Those Suffering From Allergies

Not only do the carpet tiles look good and are easy to install, they are also perfect for those suffering from allergies. Textile flooring attracts the dust particles in the air and holds them inside. All that´s needed is to vacuum the flooring two times a week to remove the dust.

Fireproof, Perfect For Offices And Made To Last

The carpet tiles are made of 100% polypropylene, with a thickness of 3.3 mm that´s supplemented by a 3.2 mm back of bitumen and fiberglass. With a weight of 3,900 g/m², they will lay flat and only lift when you want them to! The flooring is non-slip, and along with its sturdy backing, the tiles will lay flat and not curl on the corners. Also, this it has the fireproof class of Cfl-s1, and emits only a very small amount of transparent non-toxic smoke. The carpet is treated with an antistatic agent, which ensures that you and your electronic equipment are safe and sound! A chair roll design is another element of the carpet tiles, making your daily office tasks a breeze. 

Schatex City – High-Quality Carpet Tiles Now Available In Our Online Store!

The perfect combination of durability, comfort and safety, Schatex City fits in any space. Place your order today and take advantage of our best price guarantee! This way you´ll always get products at an unbeatable price! Don´t forget about our free sample service, so you can see and feel our carpet tiles for yourself. Need a lot of carpet tiles? No problem! Contact us today and we can make you an offer customized just for you! Give us a call, or send us an e-mail – your satisfaction is guaranteed!

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