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Schatex Comfort

Schatex Comfort – Ultra Comfortable, Ultra Warm and Ultra Soft

If you want your space to be cozy, warm and inviting, then Schatex Comfort is for you! Sink your feet into one of our most comfortable and high-quality floor tiles that are ideal for living rooms and bedrooms. Give your home that toasty-warm feel with a carpet tile that´s made of 100% polyamide, which is a high-quality yarn material that sticks to your feet and radiates a warm, inviting atmosphere. Feel your best and reward your feet every morning with a lush, cozy carpet that only dreams are made of!

Available in Classic Colors With Many Mix and Match Combinations

Using Schatex Comfort´s 6 different shades, you can mix and match them to your heart´s content! Choose from a simple White for your bedroom to a Dark Grey for your living room, or combine colours for a unique look. Highlight certain areas of your room by mixing the different colors together for a home that no one else has! A great advantage of this flooring is that they are loose lay tiles, which opens up endless combinations and patterns. Express your individuality by creating stripes or checkered patterns.  

Easy to Install – Without the Need for Adhesives

Forget about expensive adhesives! Schatex Comfort carpet tiles are loose lay, which means super easy installation. Simply lay them down and they´ll only move when you want them to! This is all made possible by their heavy backing, with a total weight of 4675 g/ m², the tiles are so heavy that once they´re down, they´re down! They are completely immovable, but still light enough for you to carry them with two hands. Thanks to their sturdy backing, it also insures that the fibers of the carpet hold their shape and don´t flatten while walking.

Before installing them, the carpet tiles should be taken out of their box, aired out and acclimatized according to manufacturer´s instructions. In the meantime, prepare your flooring by ensuring that it is free of dust or any residue from adhesives. After your floor is ready, begin laying the tiles starting from the middle of the room. First, determine the center of the room and lay the tiles next to each other. This will ensure a completely seamless surface as you work your way out towards the walls. The tiles along the edges can be easily cut to fit. For an extra dose of sturdiness, add double-sided tape along the edges of the carpets that are touching the walls. This adds more durability, but the tiles can still be removed as needed.

Perfect for Those Suffering From Allergies

The Schatex Comfort carpet tiles don´t only look amazing, but they´re completely functional as well! Contrary to rumours, these carpet tiles are ideal for those with allergies or people sensitive to dust. They work by binding the dust particles in the air to the material and thus are able to create cleaner, easy-to-breathe air. To clean your carpet, simply vacuum it twice a week to keep it dust-free.

Fireproof and Safe for Your Home

To add to its list of good qualities, the tiles are also fitted with a fireproof class of Bfl-s1, and in return, the smoke emitted from this carpet is a very small amount, along with transparent, non-toxic smoke. Along with being fireproof, it also comes with an anti-static treatment, keeping your office and electronic equipment safe.

Schatex Comfort - Luxurious Carpet Tiles Now Available at BRICOFLOR!

Sink your feet into Schatex Comfort carpet tiles, and you´ll be wondering how you used to live without them! Give us a call or send us an e-mail, and our team of experts can assist you in your purchase. Don´t forget to take advantage of our free sample service, which will give you a feel of what Schatex has to offer. With our proven best price guarantee, you can be sure that you´re in good hands with BRICOFLOR. Interested in a large order? We´ll be more than happy to create a custom order just for you. Contact us today!

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