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Discover today the collection Schatex Funky Feet for your space and soon enjoy the pleasantly soft feeling on your feet. These carpet tiles are not only visually a feast for the eyes, their technical characteristics are also very impressive and promise you a durable floor covering for a variety of applications!

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Schatex Funky Feet

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These carpet tiles are so robust that they correspond to the utility class 33, which allows you to use the textile tiles even in the heavily frequented area. As a small all-rounder, Funky Feet can easily cope with the daily demands of everyday life and can be easily used in hotels or shops. Even in the office, this floor solution is more than capable of creating a durable yet also highly inviting and comfortable environment for your employees.

In addition, the collection is of course also ideal for domestic use. There, the high-quality material flatters your feet and catches you right after getting up in the bedroom with its foot-warm fibres. Even in the living room, Funky Feet carpet tiles welcome you after a long day at work and helps you to forget the stresses of everyday life. Thanks to their high utility class, Schatex carpet tiles can, of course, also be accommodated in heavily loaded locations and can also be used in apartment corridors or in the personal study room.

The homely nature of the collection, as well as its resistant properties, are mainly due to the material used. Owing to the fact that high-quality polyamide, a soft and yet insensitive yarn material, has been used for the carpet tiles so that your floor not only looks smart but is also extremely durable. Thanks to their first-class abrasion behaviour, these carpet squares are also able to cope with heavy foot traffic. Regularly hoovering the carpet squares will ensure most impurities can be removed easily so that it always leaves a good impression! Schatex always deliver high quality and highly-functional products!

LONG FIBERS IN NUMEROUS COLORS - That's Schatex carpet tiles

This collection of floor carpet tiles are available in eight different colours, with which different effects can be achieved. Thus, for the area especially the more classic tones that make a particularly professional impression in grey or white. In addition, a dark blue version can also be used excellently in the office without being frivolous. While the creamy white also makes an excellent home, you will find even more colourful decors available for the living room, letting your rooms shine in bright green, orange, violet or yellow. Furthermore, a dark purple provides an additional elegant design option. The elongated fibres lie like a shaggy rug wild in all directions, which loosens up the entire surface a bit and makes their special appearance a real eye catcher.

A big advantage of carpet tiles, however, is that you do not have to choose a uniform colour. All decors have the same dimensions and, despite different colours, have the same surface design. That's why you can combine all the colours you like with each other and let your creativity run free. Create simple patterns, attractive colour gradients or divide your space into specific areas by the look of the floor alone. Especially in offices, outstanding workplaces or walkways can be highlighted and displayed! Let these amazing office carpet tiles truly transform your workplace!

Low maintenance and easy to clean carpet squares!

Another feature of the Schatex Funky Feet is its ease of use. Easy to lay, and even without the use of glue! Nevertheless, Schatex carpet tiles do not just slip away as soon as they are a little stressed. In addition to the weight, they receive additional stability through a special back, which ensures that the carpet tiles remain flat on the ground, without bulging at the edges. Often this creates the impression of a continuous surface, whereby the individual tiles are no longer recognizable. If the flooring then borders on walls or other heavy objects, it often gives them additional stability.

Although the Schatex Funky Feet holds so well due to its weight, individual modules can be easily lifted. This not only helps you in the form of a simple installation but also if you need to remove the floor once for repairs. Since it is not glued, you can pick up the textile tiles again at any time and relocate them elsewhere. If you have a bad spill of say, coffee, you can selectively remove the affected carpet tiles, have them cleaned, or simply replace them with leftover pieces. Thanks to this principle, even a whole move is within the realms of possibility, so that you no longer constantly have to buy new floor carpet tiles!


For many, carpet squares are more than just a means to an end. Some feel at home with the right flooring, others need it for health reasons This is due to the fact that house and particulate matter particles simply get stuck in the fibres of the carpet and are held there by them. This can be dangerous, especially if you suffer from a dust allergy, Schatex carpet tiles can thus contribute to alleviating the symptoms. The dust can then be easily removed in the course of regular cleaning and the fibres can begin their work again. But even without an allergy, the less dusty air can simply be enjoyed or you can concentrate more easily in the office.

In addition, Schatex Funky Feet complies with the fire protection class Bfl-s1 and is thus very inflammable, which means additional security is also provided in public areas. For the safe use of computer equipment, the floor space was also equipped with antistatic properties, making these an excellent choice in office carpet tiles!


You can already imagine how Schatex Funky Feet flatters your feet and would like to start directly with the renovation? Then order the first-class carpet squares right to the top conditions of BRICOFLOR! Order your favourite designs from the comfort of your home and get excellent but cheap carpet tiles for thanks to our best-in-class Best Price Guarantee! If you would like to personally look at the decors, you can request informative sample samples via our free sample service! Convince yourself of the quality and appearance of the flooring in peace and order only when you are really sure to have the right one in the hand! If you would like to request larger quantities, we will, if possible, on request, also make you an individual offer! Would you like to get in touch with us for an offer or for questions about our products or your order? We are happy to assist you personally! Just call us on our hotline, send us an e-mail or use the practical contact form in our online shop. We look forward to you!