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Schatex Funky Feet – Let Your Feet Float Over Soft Carpet Tiles

A visually compelling collection of vibrant and radiant coloured carpet tiles by Schatex for a variety of applications. The Schatex Funky Feet range aims to provide a pleasantly soft walking experience combined with technical characteristics that ensure durability and high resistance to match everyday demands. These carpet tiles are robust and are suitable for heavily frequented commercial areas like hotels or shops. The collection also ideal for domestic uses, the high-quality material flatters your feet with its foot-warm fibres – an suitable collection to provide comfort in your bedroom!

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Schatex Funky Feet

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Suitable for High Traffic Areas – Schatex Carpet Tiles

Whilst having a comforting and homely nature, these textile tiles also feature high durability, as reinforced by the utility class 33.  This means that whilst providing softness and an area of relaxation, this collection of carpet tiles by Schatex can be utilised in heavily burdened locations like apartment corridors, where there is plenty footfall traffic. This is owed to the high-quality polyamide, a soft yet robust yarn material offering high levels of abrasion resistance.

Luxurious Long Fibres in Numerous Colours – Schatex Funky Feet

The Funky Feet collection by Schatex are available in eight different shades to provide a colour for many interior visions. If you are looking for a carpet to promote a neutral and professional impression, there are dark grey and black shades. The dark blue version can also be used in an office setting to brighten up the space without looking too playful. The creamy white makes an excellent partner for your home, creating a calming and relaxing ambience for your space. There are also more colourful designs like,orange, yellow and green carpet tiles, the perfect partner for play rooms or even study rooms. The elongated fibres appear like a shaggy rug, softening every space. A great advantage of carpet tiles, is the opportunity to combine colours to create a unique laying pattern and attractive colour blocking techniques to divide your space. 

Low Maintenance and Easy to Clean Carpet Tiles

Another feature of the Schatex Funky Feet is the convenience factor it provides. They are extremely easy to lay since no extra adhesives are required. The heavy weight of these tiles enables them to be loosely laid, they also feature a special backing which ensures the carpet tiles remain flat on the ground, ensuring a stable and continuous surface once each individual tile is laid. Although the Schatex Funky Feet lays so reliable due to its weight, individual modules can be easily lifted. This not only helps you in the form of a simple installation but also in the case of needing to replace or clean an individual area. Since no glue is used to permanently connect them to the substrate, you can remove the textile tiles again at any time and relocate them elsewhere.

The Quality Features that Make Schatex Funky Feet a Reliable Collection

It is not commonly known that one of the greatest benefits that carpet tiles offer relate to our health and the indoor air quality of the room. This is due to the fact that dust particles are captured in the fibres of the carpet, ensuring that the dust does not circulate around the room, compared to other flooring options in which the dust simply brushes across the surface. This is a great feature of bedroom carpet tiles, especially for those who suffer from dust allergies. These carpet squares by Schatex can thus contribute to alleviating those symptoms. The dust can be easily removed in the course of regular cleaning. Additionally, the Schatex Funky Feet collection features the fire protection class Bfl-s1, ensuring security. For the safe use of computer equipment, the flooring is also equipped with antistatic properties, reinforcing it as an excellent choice for office carpet tiles!

Schatex Funky Feet -Order Carpet Tiles for Every Application Not At BRICOFLOR!

Convince yourself of the quality of these carpet tiles from the Schatex Funky Feet collection for your renovation project! If you’re looking to order tiles for a large project, get in contact with our friendly customer service team and we might be able to create an individual offer at a great price for you! Browse your favourite designs from the comfort of your home, and if you wish, order a free sample to convince yourself of the properties of this collection and decide which shade you prefer. If you have any questions regarding this collection or any other enquiries you may have, get in touch with our customer service team and we will be happy to provide the assistance you require! We look forward to hearing from you.