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Schatex Space

Schatex Space – Carpet Tiles from Another Galaxy

Get transported to another dimension with Schatex´s Space collection, a carpet tile that´s from another world! These carpet tiles are suitable for any space that´s just craving for a unique look. Great for the commercial sector, the flooring works perfectly in department stores, offices, hotel rooms or lobbies. Not only for the office, the carpet tiles fit great in your home as well. Hallways, entrances, basements and even living rooms are a good fit for Schatex Space.

Various Colours and Designs for any Space

The collection features 7 out of this world colours and patterns that work great for any office, lobby or even living room! Choose a classic Black for your office, simple Grey for your basement game room, or a warm Light Brown for your hotel´s lobby. The darker shades such as Dark Brown and Blue are perfect for office spaces and hotel lobbies, or any spaces that receive a high volume of foot-traffic. Their darker colours ensure that the dirt isn´t as visible, making vacuuming and around-the-clock cleaning unneeded. With all the different shades available, there´s no need to stick to only one colour, so why not have them all? Feel free to mix and match the colours to create a whole new look that´s unique to you. Highlight certain areas of your space or design wacky new patterns, the choice is yours. All of the carpet tiles are available in the sizes 50 x 50 cm, making it easy to alternate different colours any way you like.

Easy and Fast Installation That Anyone Can Do!

The carpet tiles adhere to the ground using their weight alone and are completely non-slip. The carpet tiles have a weight of 4000 g / m², thanks to the heavy yarn material they´re made of and heavy, reinforced backing. Even though the tiles can be easily lifted, once they´re set on the ground, they won´t move. To remove the tiles, simply lift them up! Because of their reinforced backing, the tiles won´t curl or become misshapen. Installing the flooring is easy and doesn´t require a carpet fitter at all! Save your money and do it yourself! It makes the perfect DIY project for your home, without the need for any special tools, adhesives or equipment. Because of the carpet tile´s practical size, it´s easier to determine how much you need, and you also throw away less. Because there´s no need for adhesives, the carpet can be used the second it´s installed! Moving? No problem! Just lift up your tiles and take them with you into your new home!

Before installing the tiles, take them out of their package and allow them to acclimatize to their new environment. In the meantime, ensure that your flooring is free from dust and old adhesives so that your new flooring adheres better. To begin laying, start from the center of the room and work your way out. For an extra sturdy floor, apply double-sided tape along the walls.

Upgrade Your Working and Living Environment With Schatex Space!

The classic design along with easy installation is just a little of all the great features that Schatex Space has! The carpet tiles are great for allergy sufferers and those sensitive to dust, as they bind with the dust particles in the air and hold them in place. To get rid of the dust, simply vacuum the carpet twice a week. The flooring is also treated with an antistatic treatment, which keeps you and your electronics safe. The great chair roll design makes completing all your daily office tasks a breeze. What about in floor heating? We´ve got you covered! This flooring also works great with in-floor heating. The combination of in-floor heating and the comfortable carpet makes this a great choice for your office or home. With the fireproof class of Dfl-s1, the carpet emits only a small amount of non-toxic transparent smoke in the event of a fire. Keep yourself and your colleagues safe by adding this carpet to all areas of your office, as well as entrances and exits.

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