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Schatex Vision Stripes – The Next Step in Floor Innovation

The Schatex Vision Stripes collection is truly the ultimate combination of durability and style, whilst also capturing an essence of softness. Created for the commercial sector, these carpet tiles are hardwearing and robust, designed to renew areas such as offices, hotel lobbies, exhibition areas and department stores.

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Schatex Vision Stripes

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Although designed as commercial carpet tiles, this collection is also well suited for high traffic areas in your home like basements, laundry rooms, game rooms, hallways and garages! With great technical features, these square carpet tiles are appropriate for almost every application.

Modern and Striking Striped Designs

The carpet tiles are available in 4 trendy shades. Dark grey creates a professional and uniform work environment, whilst the blue carpet tiles work great for hotel hallways. The light grey and black carpet tiles also match many other uses like exhibition stands or department stores. What’s even better, is that in combination with one another, these carpet tiles can create a unique laying pattern in any chosen room. Create dynamic patterns in your office space and inspire creativity! Additionally, the dark nuances of this collection also make dirt and dust hardly visible, saving you the hassle of cleaning the carpet tiles more often than necessary.  

The Easy Loose-Lay Installation Process

Schatex carpet tiles are characterised by their heavy weight of 4585 g / m² and sturdy backing which allows them to hold great dimensional stability once laid. The special backing also features an excellent level of grip, to ensure that they do not slip or slide against the subfloor when installed. A great advantage of buying loose-lay carpet tiles is that you can easily remove and replace them without causing any damage to the carpet tiles or the substrate. Since no extra adhesives are required, you can simply dismantle the arrangement. This is particularly useful if one carpet tile has been damaged or has a stain, you can easily lift that one carpet tile without disturbing the entire arrangement!

To optimally install these carpet tiles, you must first allow them time to acclimatise to room temperature. You must also ensure that the subfloor is completely even before laying, removing any dust and grease which might affect the quality of laying. Then the installation is ready, and you can lay each tile individually, starting from the centre of the room and working towards the outward corners. For added sturdiness, our TacTiles are available to attach the individual tiles together. It is not recommended to use glue with this collection by Schatex.

The Technical Advantages of Schatex Vision Stripes Carpet Tiles

Along with an easy installation process, the commercial carpet tiles of the Vision Stripes collection by Schatex has many safety features. They have a fireproof class of Bfl-s1, and only emit a small amount of nontoxic, transparent smoke in the event of a fire. This makes a great added safety feature for your commercial area or home, making them suitable for entry ways and exits. What’s more, carpet tiles can significantly improve the indoor air quality of rooms since the fibres of the carpet can trap dust particles. Thus, the dust is then not able to continue to circulate around the room. This makes for a pleasant and relaxing atmosphere not only for those with allergies but for everyone in the room. To remove the dust, simply vacuum the carpet twice a week. The flooring is also treated with an antistatic treatment, which will keep you and your electronic equipment safe in the office. The handy chair roll design ensures that you are able to complete all your daily office tasks easily without damaging the carpet. You can also say goodbye to clicking heels and loud thumps because these square carpet tiles can drastically reduce noise impacts.

Schatex Vision Stripes – First-Class Carpet Tiles Now Available at BRICOFLOR

If you have been convinced that the Schatex Vision Stripes range is for you, then place your order on our online shop today! We aim to provide our customers with the best quality products and the best possible price. If you are finding it difficult to decide on which shade you prefer, benefit from our free sample service and request a sample! Additionally, if you are looking to complete a large project, you may be able to request an individualised offer from our customer service team! Simple call us, email us or complete our contact form and we will assist you with any questions and queries you have.