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Schatex Vision Stripes – Create Your Own Style With High-Quality Carpet Tiles

If you´re looking for a unique carpet that can withstand all wear and tear, be soft on the feet, and also incredibly stylish, Schatex Vision Stripes are your answer! Created for the commercial sector, these carpet tiles are the next step in floor innovation. Because of their high wear class, they are perfectly suitable for offices, hotels, lobbies, exhibitions, trade shows, or department stores. 

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Schatex Vision Stripes

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 You can also place Schatex Vision Stripes in your home, as well! It fits perfectly in basements, laundry rooms, game rooms, children´s playrooms, hallways, garages, or workshops.

Fashionable Stripe Design for a Unique Look to Your Space

The carpet tiles come in 4 different shades that can suit any room and any space. Place Dark Grey in your office, Blue in your hotel hallways, Light Grey for your exhibition, or Black for a professional look to your department store. But there´s no need to stick to one colour because you can have all of them! Mix and match the colours to create unique designs and styles, there are no limits! Unleash your inner designer and create checkerboard patterns, or highlight certain areas of your space. Because of their unique colouring, dirt and dust aren't visible, saving you from the daunting task of vacuuming every day.

Easy Installation Without Expensive Equipment or Adhesives

The carpet tiles are installed using the loose lay method, which doesn´t require adhesives. Thanks to their heavy weight of 4585 g / m², these 50 x 50 cm carpet tiles will only move when you want them to! They also won´t curl on the corners or bend because of their sturdy backing. If the carpet tiles get stained or damaged, you can easily lift them and replace them. You can also take them with you when you´re moving house! When the tiles are laid edge-to-edge, they create the look of a seamless floor that can also be rearranged whenever it is necessary. Before you install the carpet tiles, you should remove them from their packaging and allow them to acclimatize to their new environment. In the meantime, ensure that your floor is free of dust and old adhesives. Then, determine the centre of the room and begin laying the tiles from the centre out. When you get to the walls, simply cut the tiles to fit. For extra sturdiness, you can apply double-sided tape along the edges of the walls. Our TacTiles are also available and are used to attach the individual tiles together. Glueing down the carpet tiles to the floor is not recommended.   

Fireproof and Safe for Individuals with Allergies

Schatex Vision Stripes come with many stylish advantages and easy installation, but they also have many safety advantages as well. They have a fireproof class of Bfl-s1, and only emit a small amount of nontoxic, transparent smoke in the event of a fire. This makes a great added safety feature for your commercial area or home. If you suffer from allergies or are sensitive to dust, you will be pleased to hear that these carpet tiles bind to the dust particles in the air and hold them inside the carpet. This makes for a pleasant and relaxing atmosphere not only for those with allergies but for everyone in the room. To remove the dust, simply vacuum the carpet twice a week. The flooring is also treated with an antistatic treatment, which will keep you and your electronic equipment safe in the office. The handy chair roll design ensures that you are able to complete all your daily office tasks easily. You can also say goodbye to clicking heels and loud thumps because these carpet squares absorb sound!

Schatex Vision Stripes – High-Quality Carpet Tiles Now Available at BRICOFLOR

Decided that Schatex Vision Stripes is the right carpet for you? Place your order today on our online shop and take advantage of our free sample service and best price guarantee! If you need to place a large order, don´t hesitate to get in contact with us because we can give you a custom offer that´s tailored specifically to your needs. For any questions, you can give us a call or send us an e-mail and our team of highly qualified experts will be more than happy to assist you! We´re looking forward to hearing from you!