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Self-Adhesive Coarse Weave Corduroy Carpet Tiles – The Perfect Flooring for Utility Rooms

Put an end to boring and dusty attics or unappealing basement rooms. Bringing new life to your storage rooms has never been an easier process thanks to these easy to install self-adhesive carpet tiles. With an adhesive backing, all that is required is the time to lay these carpet tiles – the simplest DIY job! The premium quality of coarse weave corduroy provides a robust surface that is easy to maintain and a well-suited solution for those areas of your home that are less frequently used.

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Coarse Weave Corduroy Carpet Tiles

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Choose from a variety of Colours – Coase Weave Corduroy Carpet Tiles

Even the smallest amount of colour added to a room can greatly affect the atmosphere and vibe it expresses. These self-adhesive carpet tiles are the solution your storage rooms have needed! No longer do they need to be dull or unwelcoming, you have a great selection of colours to choose from to liven up your space! From classic tones such as anthracite or grey, to even blue and red options to add a touch of colour. These carpet tiles also allow you the option to combine colours and incorporate a unique laying pattern for your rooms!

The Advantages of Self-Adhesive Carpet Tiles for Your Home

Carpet tiles were initially thought as the kind of product most suited for offices and commercial settings, however, there are many great features that support the growing demand for bedroom carpet tiles and other residential areas. Firstly, carpet tiles provide a pleasant underfoot feeling of comfort and softness. What’s more, they provide excellent sound absorption, resulting in a quieter room atmosphere. There is no simpler solution than installing these self-adhesive carpet tiles.

An Easy Installation Process – Even for First Time DIY’ers!

Don’t let the idea of renovating a room without a professional fitter dishearten you from fitting your new carpet tiles. Self-adhesive coarse weave corduroy carpet tiles are the perfect solution for your storage rooms. A fast installation process on a small budget. Although these are an inexpensive choice, in no way do they lack resilience or quality. What’s more, all that is required is to peel off the film protecting the adhesive backing, which is then ready to be laid in your room. No additional adhesives are needed, simplifying the process and minimising the time needed.  

Order Your Self-Adhesive Coarse Weave Corduroy Carpet Tiles On Our Online Store Now!

Save yourself some money and explore the selection of self-adhesive carpet tiles on offer here at BRICOFLOR.  Not only are they extremely affordable as a flooring solution for your storage rooms, but they offer great levels of resilience and quality well suited for these project rooms! Benefit from the easy installation and transform your rooms now. Please contact our customer service team with any questions and queries you may have. You can contact us via email, our telephone hotline or even our contact form. We look forward to hearing from you!