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Self-adhesive Coarse Weave Corduroy Carpet Tiles – Great flooring option for storage rooms

Put an end to boring and dusty attics or unappealing basement rooms by simply implementing self-adhesive carpet tiles in these parts of your house. In no time, it will feel as if you added an extra area to your home, just by improving your floor. The premium quality material provides a robust surface that is easy to maintain and is implementable almost anywhere, even in rooms with an odd shape. You can choose from a range of 6 different colours to give your room a certain flair. If you are not familiar with DIY work, do not panic, as it is child’s play to install these carpet tiles. Even the most inexperienced artisan can implement this product without the help of a professional. Coarse Weave Corduroy carpet tiles will help boost the overall look of your home by enhancing even the less frequented areas.  

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Coarse Weave Corduroy Carpet Tiles

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Choose your Coarse Weave Corduroy carpet tiles in 6 different colours

Even the smallest amount of colour added to a room can greatly affect the atmosphere and vibe it expresses. Therefore, do not leave your storage rooms dull and unwelcoming, but instead you can install low cost carpet tiles in 6 different nuances. They range from classic colours, such as anthracite or grey to a more vibrant green and red. If you do not want to settle for one specific tone, that is no problem at all, considering that you can interchange them as you wish. For example, you can pick several carpet tiles in a classic black and combine this with a vivid red, creating your own distinctive room.

Even storage rooms can benefit from self-adhesive carpet tiles

The many positive aspects of carpet tiles support the growing demand of implementing these products in domestic settings. Especially, having the nice underfoot feeling and comfort often wins the race against laminate flooring. Imagine you have an office or a hobby room in the attic and your family keeps complaining about the noise of footsteps. There is no easier solution than installing these self-adhesive carpet tiles, which drastically reduce the sound and as a result improve the living quality of everyone in the house.

Installation of carpet tiles could not be any easier than with this self-adhesive Coarse Weave Corduroy

Often people do not want to bother with remodelling less frequented rooms, such as attics and basements, because it costs a lot of money, takes time and effort to install a new floor. Not in this case! Self-adhesive Coarse Weave Corduroy carpet tiles are the perfect solution for these type of rooms. The product is inexpensive but at the same time resilient and of first-class quality. The fact, that you can just take off the plastic foil of the backing and stick the tiles on the floor without any additional adhesives, simplifies the whole matter into a few hours of work instead of multiple days.

Order your self-adhesive carpet tiles on our online platform BRICOFLOR UK

Browse our online offer and find all the available colours of these carpet tiles. It is up to you whether you want to order immediately or first try a free sample to convince yourself of the design and colour first-hand. In case there should be any other questions, you can contact us at Bricoflor UK.

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