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Self-Adhesive Fine Weave Corduroy Carpet Tiles – Elegant and easy to lay

This self-adhesive carpet tile distinguishes itself through its classy surface. The fine ripped and high-quality yarn consisting from several nuances of the same colour grants this product its special visual appearance. It can greatly improve certain areas in your house that otherwise do not receive much attention, such as attics and basement rooms. Tightly woven and first-class material ensure that these carpet tiles are robust and easy to maintain. Muted colours safeguard the impression of subtle elegance that can give any room the little extra it needs. The amazing price-performance ratio enables the creative saturation of neglected rooms without having to invest a lot of money. On top of that, the effort you need to invest for laying this floor is minimal, since these self-adhesive carpet tiles are quickly installed without the need of additional glue of any kind.

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Fine Weave Corduroy Carpet Tiles

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Order Fine Weave Corduroy carpet tiles and ensure a lovely ambient even in less frequented rooms of your home

Boring, shabby and pragmatic – that is how most people imagine storage or hobby rooms. It does not have to look this way and can easily be fixed by implementing self-adhesive carpet tiles. They are the perfect solution for dilapidated attics or basements in need of an improvement. The fibres comprise 100% Polypropylene, a high-quality material that helps dramatically with the sound insulation. Furthermore, these carpet tiles are remarkably easy to clean and most dirt particles are barely visible and easy to vacuum.

Fine Weave carpet tiles available in 6 beautiful colours

This self-adhesive Fine Weaver carpet tile has an appealing rippled structure of carefully selected and complementary yarn. Providing an elegant veining as a surface, giving the colours a special visual enhancement and simplifying the maintenance of this carpet tile, because dirt is hard to spot and can easily be removed.

Lightning-fast installation with self-adhesive Fine Weave Corduroy carpet tiles

Transporting heavy rolls of carpet through a staircase and into narrow rooms can many times be a burden. It is not practical and you cannot do it without the help of another person. For this reason it is not even an option for a lot of people. Self-adhesive carpet tiles on the other hand are extremely applicable in these situations, considering the small size of 40cm x 40cm they come in. You can easily stack them on top of each other inside boxes and carry them without breaking your back or requiring extra help to do so. Once your room is ready the carpet tiles are quickly installed by removing foil from the backing and then you can stick the individual pieces on the desired area and as just like that you have a new floor. The product immediately sits in place without the risk of moving anymore, an ideal solution for any type of storeroom.

Self-adhesive Fine Weave Corduroy tiles are now available on BRICOFLOR UK

You can find this type of self-adhesive Fine Weave Corduroy carpet tiles in our online shop, available in all colours. There is no need to hesitate, just go ahead and order the amount you need or request a free sample first. If there are any other questions concerning the product do not hesitate to contact us.

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