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Sommer Needlepunch Concord carpet tiles - Floor Protection for concerts, sports halls and more

With the Sommer range floor protector from Concord you will now be safe knowing that your floor or sports hall is safe and reliable for whatever event you or your company might want to organise. Sommer Concord is not just suitable for indoor sports arenas such as school basketball, tennis and badminton courts but it can prove very useful for outdoor events also.  

£18.95 per carpet tile
corresponds to £18.95 / m²
£18.95 per carpet tile
corresponds to £18.95 / m²
£18.95 per carpet tile
corresponds to £18.95 / m²
£18.95 per carpet tile
corresponds to £18.95 / m²

During such events foreign objects from shoes, such as stones or shards of glass can damage your floor and through constant exposure to this type of wear and tear, your floor will need to be replaced. Moreover, the constant traffic of people moving around on your floor, can damage the foundation of it, causing it to become warped and invoke irreversible damage. Concord, the Sommer Needlepunch Collection in tile format will allay your fears, giving you security when organising events. Discover the benefits and opportunities that can arise from protecting your floor with this carpet tile, available now in the BRICOFLOR online shop.

Choose between 6 Sommer Needlepunch Concord colour variations

These Sommer Needlepunch carpet tiles are now available on the BRICOFLOR online shop in five colour variants. Concord has stayed with classic dark colours as to provide an added layer of protection when keeping your floor looking presentable at all times. With the opportunity to combine all of the nuances you will be able to present your event in a new light with a security knowing that it is protected. The fine structure of the tiles ensure that the product will protect your floor while at the same time contaminants are not easily caught. For example, you could combine “1702 Dark Red” with “1705 Anthracite”. Thanks to the same installation heights, you can interpret the individual tiles to great patterns or define individual areas from each other.

Making modular flooring simple with Sommer Needlepunch Concord

Protecting your sports hall, local church hall or private space can prove a challenge when it is exposed to non-sporting activities or larger than normal events. With this amazing collection, you can counteract the damage caused by wear and tear. The synthetic polyolefin backing protects the underlying hall floor from damage of any kind. This means that there is no risk of colourations rubbing off onto the underlying floor. The suitability for installing the Concord floor protection is perfect in highly frequented areas (User class 33), and is easily implemented in exhibition halls, gymnasiums, commercial premises and many other areas. Stones, debris broken glass, bottles, and the like can be easily removed and cleaned after each event, while the hall protection has kept the floor from becoming damaged.

Simple and fast installation guaranteed

The Concord collection by the French brand manufacturer Sommer Needlepunch can be installed in a simple and quick fashion without much effort! Thanks to the self-laying properties of Lightweight-Felt, it can be implemented in a jiffy and removed just as quickly. So the sports hall floor protector can also be used flexibly and spontaneously. The loose-deployable hall protective lining, in a handy format, tiles can be adapted as needed. The sizes, which are 1x1 and 2x1 metre make laying a floor simple and easy, Moreover, to transport your tiles, you can purchase our giant carpet tile trolley, which will make laying your floor even easier!

Shop online on BRICOFLOR UK: Sommer Needlepunch carpet tiles and much more

Here at BRICOFLOR we have the largest selection of flooring solutions for you to choose from. Whether you are looking for large carpet tiles for your sports hall, event or trade fair or are simply looking for a sample of one of our products, our friendly customer care team is always here to help with your needs. Call us today and see what you can save when you shop with BRICOFLOR.

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